Austria: Militant Clergyman Calls Islam 'Repugnant'

Well, didn’t call for  Holy War or for another crusade.  He simply told the truth about Islam. And that brings out the shriekers in droves.

“Islam is revolting!”

He said it.

Karl Tropper directed a sharp criticism against Islam: “The Koran is the purest inflammatory pamphlet. By 2050 all of Austria will be Muslim.”

Graz Bishop Kapellari is not amused: “Uncultivated style.”     (Source)

Your ‘cultivated style’ will not save you, Bishop. Listen to Karl Topper, you might learn something.

Karl Tropper, the Pastor of St. Veit am Vorgau in the Diocese of Graz-Seckau has made severe criticisms of Islam according to Media Reports. In his most recent pastoral letter as per a “Kleine” news, he said that a Swiss Author had omitted that Muslims can not be buried with non-believers. The pastoral letter reads: “it’s not only pure racism, this is also a backward step to Hitler and Stalin — they have resolved to extinguish and extinguished, easily, millions of ‘lives unworthy of life’.” In another article he is asked by an author if Islam makes you sick and if “Islam” twists “the psyche of people into the completely absurd.” His answer to the author: “You have to suspect it”.

Pastor Tropper stated his critical positions against Islam and spoke per “KLeine” word for word, of “pure racism” or “the Koran is the purest inflammatory pamphlet.. Muslims can’t be integrated… Islam is intrinsically aggressive.. In 2050 Austria will be completely Islamic…” And: “Islam is the most repugnant.” Tropper says Mosques can never be a house of God, because they produce nothing but war.

There is irritation at the Graz Chancery over the words of Pastor Tropper. Bishop Kapellari said to the “Kleinen” – Times: “Those who are in positions of responsibility in the Church do not bring a solution to these problems when they make horrible oversimplifications and offer such an uncultivated style. This touches also on the theme of Islam, which the Church will meet neither with naivete and certainly not with raw aggression either.” Pastor Tropper himself shows himself unmoved by the Bishop’s displeasure: “At first the Bishop grouched at me again, but from the evidence I can see he remains guilty. I have to follow my conscience.”

Pastor Tropper also caused a stire last year. While preaching at a first Communion
according to the “Kleine” newspaper that those who leaves the Church, will find themselves in the company of Hitler, Stalin and other criminals. He received a reprimand then in 2010.

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Also here, with comments, from SOS Austria: „Islam ist das Widerwärtigste“

5 thoughts on “Austria: Militant Clergyman Calls Islam 'Repugnant'”

  1. After fighting two world wars, it has come to this – one must not speak the truth.

    The more damning, repugnant and verifiable the truth, the more serious the crime of speaking the truth.

    But truth will out, and when it does, Muslims will face the wrath. But far worse will be the fate of those of our own who have allowed evil to take hold and flourish in the West.

  2. “It is the primary right of men to die and kill for the land they live in, and to punish with exceptional severity all members of their own race who have warmed their hands at the invader’s hearth.”
    (Winston Churchill)

  3. Well, well.
    Someone in a cassock finally decides to call Islam what it is.
    The great majority of Christian clergy in the West have been so dead silent on this issue.
    They have to realize that the idea that Allah & God are the same is a lie spread by Muslims. An actual Christian perspective, informed by a reading of the Koran, would show that the God of the Bible is definitely not the Allah of the Quran.
    And another thing.
    If Muslims really believed that God and Allah were the same, they would not suppress the reading and teaching of the Bible or Tanakh.
    If anything, they would encourage them.
    It’s just more proof that Allah is a demon, Islam is profane, and the Koran is nothing but lies.

  4. Yes good for long will he live? Does he have the resources to pay for security? Anyone who speaks out anywhere is putting their neck on the line.

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