KRudd Disgusts

KRudd demands answers:

“we and the rest of the international community ….”

Sack this disgrace now

Kevin Rudd is a disgrace, demanding answers from stricken Japan, still trying to find thousands of its citizens, about something that poses zero danger to Australians:

Mr Rudd plunged into fresh controversy yesterday over what was seen as an insensitive demand for ‘’urgent’’ information from Japan about its nuclear reactor crisis.

Mr Rudd revealed that in a telephone conversation he told the Japanese Foreign Minister, Takeaki Matsumoto, on Saturday night ‘’that we and the rest of the international community need urgent briefings on the precise status of these reactors’’.

‘’We are seeking further corroboration of the technical and safety impacts of this from the Japanese government. That’s what I raised with him (on Saturday) night.’’

Oh, you shameful, shameful man. How grotesquely self-centred.   (Source)

Tie him up!

He was never more than a prissy, painful, pathetic parvenu. But why does he have to prove it every time he does something that he shouldn’t be doing in the first place?

The sense of entitlement and the frantically pointless activity are summed up by this one blue tie:

KEVIN Rudd has inadvertently flown into another midair mix up, with airline staff claiming the Foreign Minister walked off without paying for a new tie. The comments are hilarious on (Bolt)