KRudd-Gillard Machine Identifies the Enemy: 'Racist Messages'

Sydney Moonbat Herald via Tim Blair

Terrible online offensiveness from Australian soldiers:

The Acting Chief of Army, Paul Symon, was shocked by the messages, some of which appeared to refer to Ms Gillard as a ‘’f—ing ranga’’ and mocked the Foreign Affairs Minister, Kevin Rudd …

But not to worry: all will be  fixed because Defence has registered to participate in Earth Hour 2011 to demonstrate Defence’s commitment to reduce global warming and Combat Climate Change …

THE Defence Force has launched an investigation after Australian soldiers serving in Afghanistan posted racist messages and apparently insulted the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, on their Facebook pages.

In one message, a soldier serving in Afghanistan refers to locals as ”sand niggaz” and ”dune coons”, and jokes about running them over with his vehicle.

Most of the images and comments were posted on publicly accessible website pages.

Australian troops in Afghanistan are able to access and update Facebook pages through wireless internet terminals at even the smallest, most remote bases, but are told firmly what material they can and cannot post.

There are dozens of official and unofficial Defence Force Facebook groups, with many soldiers using photographs of themselves in Afghanistan as profile pictures.

The Acting Chief of Army, Paul Symon, was shocked by the messages, some of which appeared to refer to Ms Gillard as a ”f—ing ranga” and mocked the Foreign Affairs Minister, Kevin Rudd.

One soldier has posted a photograph of an Afghan street, and other soldiers have posted derogatory comments beneath it, including one which suggests the first soldier should have beaten an Afghan with his rifle, known as ”butt stroking”.

”Last but not least, the poof riding the girl’s bike [you] should have stuck a stick in his spokes then butt stroked him. He didn’t do anything, just pisses me off. Happy shooting!” the comment reads.

Under a picture posted of a soldier with Mr Rudd, another soldier writes: ”You should have punched the dick out of him … did he wave to a couple of camera crews and no crowd? I’ve seen him do that before … what a tool.”

Major-General Symon said thousands of other Australian soldiers would be disgusted by the Facebook posts.

”It is totally unacceptable and does not represent army values of courage, initiative and teamwork,” he said in a statement.

”These soldiers have demonstrated a lack of decency and professional judgment, and brought discredit to themselves and disrepute to the army and the ADF.”

Major-General Symon said the investigation could have ”career-defining consequences” for the soldiers in question.

”What is happening here will cause deep offence to a lot of people,” he told the Seven Network. ”I know the training we put our soldiers through is the best training in the world.

”I struggle to understand, with all the training that we do and with the quality of soldiers that we have, that that sort of language has been posted.”

Last year Israeli soldiers caused a furore in their country when they posted pictures on Facebook of them posing with shackled and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners.

12 thoughts on “KRudd-Gillard Machine Identifies the Enemy: 'Racist Messages'”

  1. So far I am unaware of the most important and obvious question been asked, and that question surely is,”What was it that these Muslim’s did to invoke such comments, from ADF personnel and how can that provocative behavior be curtailed so as not to invoke similar comments been enunciated again”?

    Madame Gillard and Comrade Rudd should simply resign so as not to annoy our soldiers any more than they already have and allow them to get on with the business of winning a war…. I mean they do want them to WIN don’t they?

    Once these issues are resolved I am sure that our finest will be prepared to not swear at those sworn to KILL them.

    1. Australia apology over army’s Afghan Facebook ‘racism’


      “This action by a small number of people is appalling. I condemn it absolutely,” Mr Smith told ABC radio. Defence Minister Stephen Smith says he has apologised to his Afghan counterpart, Abdul Rahim Wardak.

      Dear Mr Smith,

      You have no business apologizing to “your Afghan counterpart” who will become a Taliban after we leave Afghanistan or will apply for citizenship for himself and his whole tribe and his ill gotten millions 10 minutes after our troops pull out.

      What you need to do is apologize to our troops who have signed up to do the dirty work, instead of grandstanding and pretending they are some kind of social workers.

      They are not social workers. They are not ‘interfaith’ crackpots. They are soldiers. It might be hard for you to get your head around it, but there is a difference.

      The majority of Australians are utterly disgusted with showboating, moralizing dimwits from the political elite who lie and deceive and who demonstrate on a daily basis that the ends justify the means. What kind of leadership is that, what kind of role model are you setting for future generations?

      Islam divides the world in believer and unbeliever. Islam seeks to dominate and wipe out unbelievers. The Koran tells them to kill and die for Allah to make Islam dominate.

      Its all about ideology, not race. Your government allows these people to invade this country in large numbers, to settle behind, what they believe to be, enemy lines.

      Stop the kowtowing. Support the troops!

  2. “The Acting Chief of Army, Paul Symon, was shocked by the messages, some of which appeared to refer to Ms Gillard as a ”f—ing ranga” and mocked the Foreign Affairs Minister, Kevin Rudd.”

    Shocked? At “robust” language? The language used by former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

    Is the Acting Chief WIMP of Army shocked when muhammedans hack off heads, stone women to death, chop off hands and feet, kill their daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, for deluded honour?

    The soldiers were venting their anger and frustation with words, Acting Chief WIMP. Words, only.

    Acting Chief of Army, Paul Symon, I too am SHOCKED! At your namby-pamby wimpy response. And Stephen Smith’s response.

    Ditto Stephen Smith. A disgrace to Australia. I agree with every word in the letter in Sheikyermami’s comment.

  3. Imagine if political correctness had been going on during World War II. There would be no “Fritz”, no “Jerry” (so offensive!) no “Japs” and no rescuing of Jews from concentration camps (Jews have no protection under ‘anti-racism’, only muslims do.) In fact, there would be no happy ending to WWII and we’d all be speaking in Fritz. Sorry, did I say that? I meant ‘European-tongue-of-perceived-Germanic-origin-if-that’s-all-right-with-you-don’t-hit-me-Adolf-whose-words-we-all-admire.’

  4. Count me as a derogatory racist also as I agree with the letter to Smith and the Aussie troops. The leaders/politicians of the U.S., Canada, Australia, Britain sending soldiers into war zones have no idea what they are fighting for or what they are doing. Libya is the latest example and Afghanistan has been ongoing for almost 12 years? Oh, I forgot it’s “kenitic energy zones” now!! What’s a “ranga” … I’m guessing the “b??ch” word or maybe kangaroo but I’m not familiar with Aussie dialect. lol

  5. Hi Ihm,
    The Aussie term ‘ranga’ basically means a nickname for redheads (& appears that derives from the colour of the average orangutang).

  6. Cecilie,
    PC stupidity ‘was’ going on in WW2. My Great Uncle was a RAF Corporal looking after German POW’s. He called a German officer a Hun Bastard and for that was demoted.

    Unfortunately this stupidity has only gotten worse over time.

  7. !!! OK I stand corrected. Oh dear. Is it all over?
    This comes of course just after Melanie Phillips is being investigated for calling the terrorist who killed a Jewish family in their beds ‘savage.’

    Slit a three month old baby’s throat: Celebration! Call the killer a savage: Must be investigated and preferably result in a long prison sentence?

  8. I think it’s about time that ALL like minded decent people stand together against this pc barbarity that threatens our livelihoods. We need to stand behind people like Melanie and be heard otherwise before too long people like Cory Bernardi will be suffering the same fate.

  9. I too was appalled at the Australian military’s reaction. I thought they were supposed to support our troops not subject them to this PC based stupidity. I think its yet another nauseating instance of asymmetrical morality: Islam can do anything no matter how morally repugnant it may be whilst those who oppose them are held to ridiculously high standards. Pity our pollies don’t do a stint on the front line along with journalists. Perhaps they would change their perspective quickly.

  10. Ironside, yep, I have a lot of respect for Cory Bernardi…if only our ranks of politicians had a hundred more like him in government, we might stand a chance of repelling the islamic barbarians pouring into our country on boats…JuLIAR Gillard is building them nice new units and houses, with full benefits and freebies paid by our taxes..I have to rent a room in a shared house and work for a living, and I’ve paid taxes all of my life.. methinks theres something wrong with that picture!

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