Motherly Love

Remember Sara & Amina?

Murdered by their Egyptian Muslim father, because they wanted to live normal, American lives.

Pamela Geller has covered their story extensively:  Amina and Sarah Said: Confession from the Mom from Hell – Atlas Shrugs Yasser Said physically and emotionally abused his children.  And he made his wife his slave. Psychologically, sexually and in any other way.

In October 1998, when Amina and Sarah were 9 and 8 years old, they accused their father of sexual abuse.

The allegations were reported to the Hill County sheriff’s office, where the girls told a detective their father had been touching them inappropriately. Amina told authorities she had been penetrated at least once.

Their mother swore in an affidavit that the allegations were true. (here)

Tissy withdrew the affidavit she originally signed when the girls were seven and eight, testifying that Yaser had raped them.


The mother who lured her two young daughters, Sarah and Amina, to their tragic deaths at the hand of their father, Yaser Said, now regrets what she did. Downplaying her own role, or rather, insisting that she is innocent, Patricia (“Tissy”) Owens calls the murder of her daughters an “honor killing” by an “evil man.” Despite years of paternal child abuse at home, “Tissy” now insists that she had no idea that Yaser was actually going to kill the girls whom he sexually and physically abused and whose “too Western” ways enraged him. (Source)

Now we have another case of a mother from hell:

California Girl Claims She Ran Away to Avoid Arranged Marriage in Pakistan

Clearly, the mother is trailer trash. And the Pakis scum she calls her husband calls the shots:

Sultan Knish: Muslim Men and Non-Muslim Women

When American mother Melissa Bender married Pakistani Mohammad Khan, she brought three children from a previous marriage into the relationship. Today the children are in protective custody after police discovered that her 13 year old daughter, Jessie Bender wasn’t taken away by a predator, but that the predator had been right in her own house.
Thanks to Vlad we have video:

Mohammad Khan was planning to take Melissa and Jessie to Pakistan, where the 13 year old girl feared she would be forced into an arranged marriage. Instead she bravely went on the run and the police department appears to be doing the right thing. For now.

Police: 13 Year Old Ran Away Because She Feared Arranged Marriage

Had Mohammad Khan taken her to Pakistan and married her off, it would have been almost impossible for the child to escape again. Particularly from a rural area. She would have been repeatedly raped by her “husband”, beaten by her in-laws and turned into a slave. And Khan would have likely profited from the exchange. Khan didn’t just marry a middle aged woman, he married a woman with at least one girl at home. And in Pakistan that translates into a salable commodity.   (Read it all…)

Jessie Bender was about to be taken on a two-month trip to Pakistan. Why didn’t her mother and stepfather just claim to investigators that their daughter was jumping to conclusions and overreacting?

The parents’ elaborate lies suggest they had something to hide. Britain’s forced-marriage investigators have seen many a case that started with the ruse of an extended “family vacation” overseas.

Child marriage persists in the Muslim world because Muhammad married a nine-year-old himself (in human years, not Galapagos turtle-years as desperate apologists are bound to claim some time), and Qur’an 33:21 upholds him as a “beautiful pattern of conduct” without exception. Jessie Bender’s story shows that “pattern of conduct” can and does endanger girls in America. “Parents of Jessie Bender, 13, lied about daughter, cops say; Was trying to escape arranged marriage,” from the New York Daily News, March 3 (thanks to all who sent this in):

A 13-year-old girl reported missing by her parents was really trying to escape an arranged marriage in Pakistan, police said Wednesday.

Jessie Bender’s folks told authorities last month their daughter ran off because she didn’t want to go on a two-month family trip to her step-father’s native country. They then falsely claimed she was abducted by someone she met on Facebook, officials said.

However, after weeks of investigating leads that wrangled the FBI, the U.S.Marshals Office and police departments nationwide, authorities say it was all a lie.

“Bender family members misled detectives and withheld critical information,” San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Roxanne Walker said in a news release.

Police soon discovered that another family member had helped the young teen hide out in Apple Valley, about 30 miles from her hometown of Hesperia in Southern California, to avoid becoming a Pakistani man’s bride.

Bender, as well as her three siblings, were taken into child protective custody while authorities decide whether to recommend filing charges against her family, San Bernardino County sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindy Bachman said.

“All of the information that was obtained by investigators will be sent to the district attorney’s office for review,” she said.

They were willing to frame a man to save face:

The parents’ claim that she had been kidnapped sparked a nationwide investigation, involving both local and federal agencies. At one point, a person in Chicago was considered a suspect in her disappearance because the girl’s mother, Melissa, believed she had been communicating with him via Facebook.

“He was the last person she spoke to at 1:47 in the morning,” she told KTLA last month, speaking with her husband, Mohammad Khan. “I don’t know who he is … He claims that he doesn’t have her, but I don’t believe it.”

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  1. Thank god that girl and her uncle have some common sense. Unlike that stupid toothless, inbred, rube mother of hers.

  2. Marrying a Muslims man???

    What is it with these women. Dont they realize the hell they will put their daughters through. Isnt there some limit to stupidity?

  3. But think about the travesty here. You’re Jesse Bender.–A sweet little 13-year old girl living in CA. You’re mother marries a Pakistani named Mohammed and this cousin-fracked (most likely since most pakistanis are inbred) moron becomes your Step-father. Now, he wants to take you to frickin Pakistan to marry another cousin-fracked, bearded, wife-beater at the tender age of 13/14. What a life?

  4. Unfortunately too many moonbats dont know and dont really want to know what Islam really is. I mean the President and the Government of the USA cant even say the words Muslim Terrorist, aided and abetted by the disgusting Lame Stream EneMedia,so what hope have the general population got.

  5. The problem is the silence in the MSM. W need to have the journalists and editors who are actively covering up muslim misdeeds removed for their positions.

  6. “And what do your parents do,Jessie?”
    “Well,my step father is a mahamaden pimp who wants to sell me into a life of unspeakable terror at the hands of a backward misogynist and God knows what else in a vile Pakistani backwater.My mother is a fat stupid cow with Stockholm syndrome.”

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