More Boats a Boon for Social Workers

Two more boats

Only eight boats so far this year, but I suspect that as the cyclone season wanes, these two may be the harbinger of more:  (Andrew Bolt)

How do you like being screwed in the name of care and compassion?

The Melbourne Age MyCareer [Saturday February 26] had a whole section dedicated to how The Department of Immigration is recruiting for Case Managers and Assistant Directors to help ‘process’ the massive explosion of illegal entrants.

Not a bad gig too. $62,000 plus allowances for Case Manager and $85,000 plus allowances for Assistant Directors. Super would be separate. There are “several positions” which effectively means multiple of ten vacancies.

What a disgraceful indictment of not only mismanagement and loss of sovereignty, but of the Australian taxpayer.

2 thoughts on “More Boats a Boon for Social Workers”

  1. Q – How do you like being screwed in the name of care and compassion?

    A – Hardly at all, actually.

  2. Rossco darling, A – it was not good, or nice or comfortable. I still suffer. Worse was to come, my country Australia and our representatives in all our services did not help me at all. Why – I was set up by these same fiends. They never change their MO. No one will believe a citizen without a criminal record. A grandmother, mother has no chance against the Taqiyya of the Muslim gang. I still suffer, I still grieve for my country who has done this to me. I grieve for my lifetime of work and the proceeds they cruely belted out of me. Humiliation you cannot believe. Constant death threats for five years against my family. No compensation for a raving old lunatic, only for the boat people it seems. Houses for them, anything their heart desires – on our backs. But, the goody part is that WE MUST NOT SPEAK ABOUT IT. Love you Rossco.

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