One EUrabia Under Islam: German Politicians Do Away With Themselves

Not so fast: not all of them.

“There is no proof in history “that Islam is part of Germany.”

Germany’s freshly appointed Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has sparked controversy on the first day of his new job when talking about the role of Islam in German society. (UPI) (Top German official calls Islam alien)

Naturally, the shriekers are beside themselves:

“Friedrich has only been interior minister for 24 hours and he starts by smashing the porcelain,” Deutsche Welle Online quoted Renate Kuenast, of the opposition Green Party, as saying.

Muslim groups said Friedrich’s statement was simply wrong.

“There are a whole series of unique historic references to Islam and the Islamic world in Europe,” Aiman Mazyek, the head of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany told the WAZ media group. “No one can seriously deny that.”

What kind of unique historic references to Islam would that be, mr Mazyek?

The Baron from the Gates of Vienna:

I posted last weekend about the bullying manner displayed by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan towards the Germans, as if Germany were his own personal fiefdom.

This excellent article from Politically Incorrect sheds additional light on the subject. It describes the craven behavior of German politicians, who compete with each other to pander to Turkish voters.

The Turkish vote is crucial at the margin, and is enough to swing an election. Catering to Turkish voters can only be effective if the Turks in Germany vote as a bloc, which they tend to do. Native Germans — who still enjoy an overwhelming majority — could counter this by voting as a bloc themselves, but this is unthinkably racist in the current climate. To make matters worse, there is no significant difference among the major parties on issues related to immigration and Multiculturalism, although that may be in the process of changing.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

How Politicians Cut Themselves Off At the Knees
by Kassandra Komplex

Many people wonder why Muslims are courted so much by German politicians. But the reason is clear. It has been quite a while since Muslims reached a numerical proportion at which they can and definitely do influence election results.

Former chancellor Gerhard Schröder had already recognized this potential. When his re-election was in the balance in 2002 he bet on the Turkish card. By promising the Turks to be a strong proponent of Turkish entry into the EU, he got the necessary majority. The Turks tipped the scales to assure Schröder’s re-election. His efforts and his loyalty to Turkey, as is known, continue to this day.

This example has not been forgotten. Since then, the number of immigrants has continued to increase. The role Muslims play in a democracy grows year by year with the demographic development. Thus, they have become a factor for politicians that must be considered in their planning. No one has summed up this thought process as well as Martin Neumeyer, the CSU integration officer of the Bavarian state government:

“In the medium term, we will win no more elections without Muslims. The CSU must be honest with itself about that. I think many Muslims are like CSU voters: conservative, religious and attached to their home. As a party, we must canvass the liberal Muslims.”

Without wishing to go into the somewhat aggrandized view of Muslims, it is the first sentence that is decisive: “In the medium term, we will win no more elections without Muslims.”

So, what to do?

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One thought on “One EUrabia Under Islam: German Politicians Do Away With Themselves”

  1. It all began when Germans thought they were too good to clean their own public toilets and brought in Turks to do it for them. – By the millions. I was there. In the 70’s Germany was the most prosperous country in Europe after two world wars they were “back”. Germans like the rest of us – love power and money. This is how it works. And, my Aussie dollars we giving me 4 yes I repeat 4 Deutch Marks per dollar. What a stir that was going into a German Bank.

    Instead of splitting into many political groups, like we have also, they should have remained the herd animals they were under Mr. Hitler. Just like Muslims. There are many great thinkers in Germany, always were but like the rest of us, we are now dominated by money. We are seduced by the pleasures of the flesh. Once upon a time, people of honour could not be bought at any price, today many can be bought for a few dollars. Its nothing new, Jesus knew a thing about it in the form of Judas, if this story is true.

    Best thing to do is put Edogan back to his true calling – Chief Toilet Cleaner for his own Republic. He has muffed it big time. But, like Hitler and his bullies, they usually only last a span of roughly 10-12 years, then their people are over it or others take control. I hope it is the Turkish Army.

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