US Dilemma

Shrillary Loves Al Jizz:

Clinton’s shilling for Al Jazeera. Surprised?  Secretary Clinton waded further into the deep end of the crazy pool when she placed blame for America’s bad image abroad on fake TV wrestling and Baywatch.

What she’s really saying is she would like to control radio, tv, cable, and internet; not to mention more propaganda and expansion of government to control the masses with their distortions and outright lies of what is really happening. Won’t be long before American’s hear the call for prayer 5 times a day from every town square. (The Blaze)

McCarthy was right

Grunard Muselturd whines:  Pete King is “America’s new McCarthy(Seema Jilani)

Muslim army colonel shoots and kills 13 … Muslim shoots and kills one soldier and wounds another in Little Rock…. Muslim student in Lubbock Tx plans to blow up dams bridges and GW Bush’s house in Dallas… Muslim brothers plan to shoot soldiers at military base in NJ etc etc etc… Yeah how dare King want to investigate Muslims planning attacks here in the US!!! The nerve!!! He must be a bigot!!!

Oh I forgot Muslim trys to blow up a plane over Detroit… Muslim trys to blow up car in Time Square…..Muslim kills 2 in a bus in Frankfurt….. etc etc etc yep the problem is Peter King!!! If we stop him these Muslims would never think of killing Americans!!! Its all his fault!!!

Andrew Bostom

Missouri vs Sharia

Missouri is now the latest state seeking to ban its courts from consulting Sharia law. A bill introduced on Tuesday by State Rep. Paul Curtman (R) would bar courts from taking any foreign law, legal code or system into consideration when deciding cases. (Source)

Orange County vs Islam

“This isn’t England. You’re Messing with Americans!”

In Tennessee, the ‘Red-Green Alliance’ Defends Violent Jihad and Shariah

The Baron:  I’ve written many times about the Demonic Convergence, which is what I call the confluence of Marxism, Feminism, Environmentalism, and political Islam. These four forces have banded together in an attempt to bring down the existing power structure in the West. The Red-Green Alliance Raises the Black Flag of Jihad

Alabama senator introduces anti-Sharia bill

The Islamic groups in every state where such bills have been introduced respond with the same tired talking points: this bill will make it illegal to be a Muslim, it demonizes Islam,  blah blah….

The Islamists win, and Obama says we can live  happily forever after

Obama Regime Welcomes the Unthinkable:

We shouldn’t be afraid of Islam in the politics of these countries,”

What’s that? I thought only greasy Islamophobes thought that the likely outcome in the Middle East would be Islamic states, not pluralistic Western-style democracies! “Obama administration prepares for possibility of new post-revolt Islamist regimes,” by Scott Wilson in the Washington Post, March 4

Obama administration preparing for Islamic states in Middle East

Here are 13 “real” reasons why gay people don’t belong in the military.

“There has to be a special bond in the Military, and I think that bond is broken if you open up the military to transgenders, to hermaphrodites, to gays and lesbians….  it just doesn’t make any sense.”

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