Shocka! Muslim Brotherhood Will Rule Egypt!?

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie speaks to the media after casting his vote for a referendum at a polling station in Cairo. (source)

It is clear that the young, “educated secular activists”  who initially propelled the nonideological revolution are no longer the driving political force —  the Ayatollah Khoneini sends his regards from six feet under.

Egyptian cleric on referendum: “The ballot boxes said ‘yes’ to Islam…From now on, Islam will enter every aspect of our lives”

Secular democracy on the march! Here is another I-Tried-To-Tell-You Alert: “Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Hussein Yaaqub: Results of Egyptian Referendum Were in Favor of Islam, and Whoever Is Unhappy about It Is Free to Leave to Canada or the US,” fromMEMRITV, March 21 (thanks to JW-35 Comments):

Following are excerpts from a speech delivered by Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hussein Yaaaqub, which was posted on the Internet (accessed on March 21, 2011): […]Muhaamad Hussein Yaaqub: This was an [Islamic] raid – the raid of the ballot boxes. […] They have begun saying: “From now on, Islam will enter every aspect of our lives.” What is our response to them?

Crowds: Yes, it will.

Muhaamad Hussein Yaaqub: They were the ones who said that it would be decided by the ballot, weren’t they? Isn’t that what their democracy is all about? The people said “yes” to Islam, right?

Crowds: Right.

Muhaamad Hussein Yaaqub: The people have said that they want religion, and whoever says he cannot live in such a country anymore is free to go. Go in peace. After all, they have visas for Canada and America. They are free to go.


Sometimes, when your sheik tells you to vote “Yes,” you vote “Yes” – even if it contradicts what you want….

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  1. The US MILITARY on call to militant Mohammedans EVERYWHERE . Just look at our credentials we ousted those pesky Christians from Kosovo and Bosnia and bombed their Christian homeland Serbia too just to teach them a lesson how dare they hold back the Mohammedan hordes for centuries. Now we have made it easy for the Mohammedan Brotherhood to take over in Egypt and we are well on the way to letting Al Queda take control in Libya and who can forget our outstanding performance in installing a SHIA and Iranian loving REGIME in Iraq. Afghanistan is a WIP but dont worry we will let the Taliban back in there too. So Mohammedans got a problem just call Hillary and the Pentagon we are at YOUR service.

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