Slavery in the UK?

But of course. Why would the cultural enrichers not bring their culture with them? Isn’t that what multiculturalism is all about?  If all cultures are equal, then who are we to judge…. right?

Seems strange that all the cases recently concerning slave labour have been committed by none whites and yet these people scream racism at the slightest thing.  But what has race to do with it anyhow?

  • Doctor ordered to pay her ‘slave’ £25,000 a year
  • Forced to sleep on the floor and fed two slices of bread a day
  • Granted no contact with family even when parents died

A retired doctor (from Pakistan) has been convicted of forcing the middle-aged woman to work for her around the clock while forcing her to sleep on the kitchen floor of her suburban London home.

Saeeda Khan, 68, trafficked African Mwanahanisi Mruke into the UK from Tanzania and initially paid her £10 a month – less than 33p a day – before giving up paying her altogether.

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