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Why are these turds on TV?
Ed & Al

‘This Is A Racist Budget’: Ed Schultz & Al Sharpton Claim School Vouchers Are Racist ….

Live Sex:

Northwestern University Offers Students Live Sex Show

Just “pushing the envelope…”

State of Denial:

Note to Hussein Obama: ‘Allahu akbar’ is a Muslim war cry (WaPo)

Its not that he doesn’t know. Being a Muslim, Obama has an obligation to deceive.

U.S. troops are gunned down by a shooter who screams “Allahu akbar!” before opening fire. Official statements are rushed out: The perpetrator was a lone wolf; his motive was unclear; there are no links to terrorism. Sound familiar? It should, because when Islam is the cause of American tragedy, President Obama hides his head in the sand.  (Allahu akbar’)

The Specter of Muslim Disloyalty in America

Obama is a president who up to 24% of Americans and many Muslims believe is a clandestine Muslim and who is known to have been raised a Muslim.

While there is no proof that he is a Muslim — indeed, no less an authority than Jeremiah Wright, the fellow who used to bellow “God damn America!” recently vouched for Obama’s Christianity — the point here is simple: if an American president was a secret Muslim, and if he was lying about it, and even if he was secretly working to subvert the US to Islam’s advantage — not only would such an approach comport with Islam’s doctrines on loyalty and deception, but it would have ample precedents, stretching back to the dawn of Islam. Such as when Muhammad commanded one Na’im bin Mas’ud, a convert from an adversarial tribe that refused to submit to Islam, to conceal his new Muslim identity, go back to his tribe — which he cajoled with a perfidious “You are my stock and my family, the dearest of men to me” — only to betray them to Islam.  (Raymond Ibrahim)

Obama Administration Refuses to Call Germany Attack an Act of Terrorism

The killer’s Facebook page is littered with references to Holy War, hatred of ‘non believers’ and has his favourite saying – ‘may the eyes of the cowards never sleep’ – by Khalid Bin Walid, an ancient Islamic fighter who united Arabia for the first time.  Via FOX Nation/GWP/Daily Mail

Charles Krauthammer slams Obama for treating U.S. troops’ shooting in Germany like ‘a bus accident’

Leftist Loons & Pro-Shariah Muslims Protest Proposed Tennesse Shariah Law

Civil rights activist Victor Abdulla of the Masjid Al-Islam mosque in Nashville, Tenn., speaks at a Tuesday, March 1, 2011, press conference outside the Tennessee Capitol in Nashville in opposition to a legislative proposal to make it a felony to follow some versions of the Islamic code known as Shariah.… Read more » ( reported, via ROP: )

The Race Card:

Hey, Eric Holder: Meet My People

Herman Cain is my people. He’s my brother-in-arms. I’ve never met him. But we are family. We are kin because we are unhyphenated Americans who are comfortable in the black, brown and yellow skin we are in. We are growing in numbers — on college campuses, in elected office, on the Internet, on radioairwaves, everywhere. And that drives liberals mouth-frothing crazy.   (Michelle Malkin)

Big Fat Rich Boy:

“All Your Money Are Belong to US!” (No S#*t!)

Wealth belongs not to those who create it, not to those who own it, but to The People, to be distributed as corrupt, power-drunk bureaucrats see fit.  As for the mountain of money Moore has amassed with his anti-American propaganda films, that is not a national resource — it’s his.  (BURNING HOT. Hat tips: The Blaze, Michelle Malkin and Moonbattery)

Michael Moore: Wealthy Americans’ Money is a ‘National Resource’

Really Rich Dude Michael Moore Says Wealthy American‘s Money is Not Theirs its ’Ours‘ ’A National Resource’ We Need To Take It From Them

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