UN Tyranny: now they're coming after your kids!

Do Your Part to Resist United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Do you think the socialist dictators, Muslims, moonbats, and other assorted thugs, kooks, and degenerates infesting the United Nations could do a better job of raising your children than you can? Do you think their authoritarian dictates should trump America’s Constitution? Do you think Democrats should be allowed to use international treaties to effect a back-door repeal of the Second Amendment as a prelude to transitioning from soft tyranny to hard tyranny? Then by all means don’t waste a whole minute letting your Senators know that We the People will not take kindly to  Hussein Obama being allowed to ram through the cuddly sounding but oppressive United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Hussein Obama could present the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) to the senate for ratification soon. If ratified, the CRC would have the power to sweep away local, state and even federal laws that protect your parental rights. The CRC would effectively allow the United Nations to dictate to American citizens how they can raise their own children. SR 99 is a resolution that would prevent the CRC from even being introduced in the senate for consideration. All we need are 34 senators to co-sponsor the resolution to demonstrate that President Obama does not have the 67 votes needed to ratify the CRC.

Register your opposition to UN control of your family and your country here.

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3 thoughts on “UN Tyranny: now they're coming after your kids!”

  1. The UN has ZERO credibility. Its so-called Human Rights Council has a membership of countries that have some of the worst human rights records on the planet. Going to them for help would be like asking the Marquis de Sade for pain relief.

    Here is just a small sampling of the UN Human Rights Council membership:

    China – A beacon of human rights. And don’t get caught with a Christian Bible.

    Cuba – A bastion of freedom and respect for human rights. Any need to elaborate?

    Libya – Just booted. Why were they there in the first place? Women are treated like cattle.

    Mexico – Although rarely mentioned, Mexico’s rulers, Plutocrats, keep their citizens locked in poverty. Corruption and human rights abuses are commonplace. Rape against women is rampant and justice virtually non-existent.

    Moldova – Moldova is considered the primary country of origin in Europe for trafficking of women and children for prostitution to the Middle East, Balkans, and Europe. The government is corrupt to the bone and citizen abuse at the hands of police is widespread.

    Russia – Say anything bad about rasPutin and your head can be ventilated. Calling Russia an Autocracy would be an insult to Autocrats. Russia’s Constitution is resolutely ignored and justice is a dark comedy.

    Saudi Arabia – If you are traveling there and have a bible or wearing a crucifix, better leave them at home. Saudis wield the death penalty for apostasy, sorcery, and blasphemy. The “justice” system is a bad joke. Women are 2nd class human beings.

    Ah, did I mention Iran? Iran where underage girls are hanged from cranes because they answer back to a corrupt judge? Did I even mention that they are being raped by prison guards before they hang them, in order to make sure they go to hell in their queer and twisted belief system?

    The UN is so corrupt that its best possible value would be to serve as a warning to the rest of us.

    The UN Headquarters should be relocated to a more suitable setting, say, Pyongyang, North Korea.

  2. Well said Sheik if there is a more biased, corrupt, useless, evil organization on the Planet than the UN in all its configurations then I don’t know what it is.

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