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Van Jones

SHOCKA:  The Day After 9-11 Van Jones Led Rally Where They Cheered American Killers(Video)

Just “Inner Struggle”, as always:

Somalia, here we come:

Man Caused Disaster” averted, for now….. The Blaze

Durbin hearing paints Muslims as victims, ignores jihad and Islamic supremacism

“Senators decry anti-Muslim violence,” by Kelly Kennedy for USA Today, March 29: (Not that “anti-Muslim violence” is a problem, but whining about it always gets the attention of the enemedia……)

On Sunday

Willary Clitman said Syrian tyrant Bashar Assad was a “reformer.”


Willary Clitman tried to smooth over this ridiculous statement. She told reporters that when she’s interviewed she’s “not speaking either for myself or for the administration.” In other words… Don’t take her seriously. She’s in the drivers seat, but not responsible. Typical libtard.

He’s Muslim, that makes him a victim. Right?

Muslim on Muslim Hate Crime When Hate Speech Perp is Muslim: Assailant Cries “African” Victim Status

Here’s the previous report:

Sharia Law in America: Boy, 12, charged with hate crime for attempting to rip religious head scarf off head of classmate

Other News:

Herman Cain: Media Scared ‘A Real Black Man Might Run Against Barack Obama’
“scared to death”