Worst. Administration. Ever.

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Hillary Clinton: UN Resolution Gives US Authority to Arm Al-Qaeda Linked Libyan Rebels

Worst. Administration. Ever.

Appearing on Sunday’s Face the Nation on CBS, Secretary of State Willary Clitman dismissed the idea of U.S. military action in Syria, claiming that unlike Libya’s Qadhafi, Syria’s Bashir Assad was considered to be a “reformer” by “many of the members of Congress.” Schieffer failed to challenge the assertion. In the days since, CBS, ABC, and NBC have ignored the comment.   Read more: Newsbusters

Project Gunrunner: Obama’s Stimulus-Funded Border Nightmare

NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe ADM James Stavridis told a committee yesterday that there are “flickers” of Al-Qaeda in the Libyan rebels ranks. Al-Qaeda also reportedly stole missiles recently from Gaddafi’s stockpiles.

Obama told Univision that he knows nothin’, as usual…..

But those facts won’t stop the Obama Administration.

Hillary Clinton insisted yesterday that the UN resolution gave the US authority to arm the Al-Qaeda linked rebels.  The Independent reported

Wave of Al-Qaeda Fighters Heading to Libya From Afghanistan

Al-Qaeda fighters can’t believe their luck that Americans are helping them bomb the Gaddafi regime back to the Stone Age. The Daily Beast reported:

NBC Homo Matt Lauer:  Should We Show Compassion to Al Qaeda in Libya?

“If there are flickers, as you say, of al Qaeda among the rebels, would it not be a sign to them or showing them that the United States has compassion and we are willing to use our military might to help all people?” Bachmann was taken aback by the thrust of the question as she responded: “Compassion for al Qaeda?” (source)

Mark Steyn on Obama: A Mexican General Should Be Running the Show in Libya Because “This Is Clearly One of Those Jobs Americans Won’t Do” (Video)

Steyn was on fire tonight.

“I believe it’s a Canadian general who’s actually running the show. I said I thought it should be a Mexican general because as far as this administration is concerned this is clearly one of those jobs that Americans won’t do.”

Sarah Palin Rips Obama For His “Unbelievable Rhetoric” on Energy Production

Then there’s the Donald on the Laura Ingraham Show – Donald Trump “proud” to be a birther

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