Glenn Beck: March 30, 2011

Tonight: In 1882, Nietzsche declared that “God is dead”. In 1966, Time Magazine asked the question “Is God dead?”. On tonight’s show, Glenn answers that question and makes a declaration: “God lives, He is involved and is waiting for you to notice and respond.” Does God have a message for you? Plus, more on Israel and a follow up on yesterday’s program…as more events in the last 24 hours have suggested the Israel situation has gotten worse.

5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: March 30, 2011”

  1. …”The Last Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.”

    They have killed (murdered) too many Jews already. Th last day of Islam will come when they murder one too many. The hold of the zealots over Muslims is fast diminishing, technology is killing the crazy Immams. Ordinary Muslims are being exposed to the big wide world. Israel will only have the die-hards to deal with in the long run. Keep faith with the Jews because they have been around a long time and will still be around when Islam is nothing more than a flickering shadow.

  2. When the largely muslim nations fight the Jews, the Jews will have the job of marking and burying them.

  3. There has been an attempted terror attack in Germany.

    Das Bundeskriminalamt hat möglicherweise einen Sprengstoff-Anschlag auf das Stadion von Bundesliga-Spitzenreiter Borussia Dortmund verhindert. Drei sprengstoffverdächtige Gegenstände seien laut BKA “im Nahbereich” des Stadions gefunden worden. Sie wurden “unschädlich gemacht bzw. gesichert”.

    25 year old German citizen is being held. BKA (German Criminal police office) note that the attack was
    not a major threat. Details of 25 year old not released and this may not be a muslim. Keep eyes open.

    Tatverdächtig sei ein 25-jähriger, deutscher Staatsbürger. “Die kriminaltechnischen Untersuchungen zur Frage einer möglichen Funktionsfähigkeit der sprengstoffverdächtigen Gegenstände sowie der möglichen Verwendbarkeit der aufgefundenen Chemikalien dauern an. Nach einer ersten Einschätzung war jedoch nicht von einer akuten Gefährdung der Bevölkerung auszugehen”, teilte das BKA mit.

    An unconfirmed report obtained by Infidels United shows that Israel is thinking outside the box in preparations for the 5/15/2011 Intifada AKA Intifada III. According to the report, intelligence agents from the Shin Bet that specialize in psychological warfare have devised a plan to use the fear of pigs to induce terror and confusion in the minds of the terrorists.

    There is a product called Silver Bullet Gun Oil (SBGO) that is made from 13% pig fat. A source very close to the story confirms that just this past week a large quantity of SBGO was shipped to Israeli Defense Forces. This oil will be distributed to all combat forces and to anyone that carries a sidearm in the Israeli Defense Forces. The Shin Bet secretly assembled a group of respected Rabbinic scholars in Jerusalem last week. This group decided that because it will save lives, they endorse the use of Silver Bullet Gun Oil by the IDF. They based their decision on a precedent that came from a religious ruling about whether an observant Jew could get a pig heart valve replacement. In their ruling, they did admonish soldiers to wash their hands well before eating and before and after using the restroom.

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