Arguing With a Liberal

I’m guessing that more than a few readers have had this conversation in real life:

There may not be any point arguing with them, but there’s no point letting them think you agree with them either.

4 thoughts on “Arguing With a Liberal”

  1. a perfect example of pure liberal stuttering ! when she mentions reporting him for hate speech , a reality that does take place , and the very reason people will reach their limit ! if you see(hear) something, say something “BUT” you better make “DAMN sure you see something (or hear) something that is worthy before running to walmart and calling janet napoliton-o-fun… otherwise folks better prepare to see these “reporters of hate” stuffed head first up their own nosy asses ! ive been a victim of such one person and will “NEVER” be placed in that situation again….liberals create their own play land, a mindset that is powered by arrogance and dis truths…their day is coming. and coming fast.

  2. Been there, done that!

    But never have never had an answer to the next question, “well how do you define a racist?”

  3. Gotta love that one line – “That is what says and what I learned on the Rachel Maddow show.” Just keep repeating the same lines over and over.

  4. I had a discussion with an American Obambi loving moonbat in a Bar in Bali. We discussed the fact that Obambi was educated as a Muslim and was a practicing and a devout Muslim while he lived in Indonesia. The moonbat with typical monbat thinking thinking thought he could catch me out and said ‘So what if Obama is a Muslim whats wrong with that” my response was “absolutely nothing if he honestly declared that he was once (or still is) a Mohammedan but he has declared ‘I have ALWAYS been a CHRISTIAN’ which is a blatant bare faced LIE so THAT is why I oppose Obama he is a LIAR”. End of conversation of course and the moonbat slunk away tail between his legs .

    Sri a Racist is anyone who disagrees with a MOONBAT and by default EVERY White person. Its only Blacks, Asians and Hispanics who are exempt from the RACIST label. You should not need to be told that.

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