Egypt's Problem are da Jooozzz…!?

Hundreds scream “itbach ya yahood”- kill the Jews…..

Remember when the O’turd and the state-run media told us it was all about peace and love and liberty? He & his whores are the biggest threat to America the world.

Where is the media on the real story of the jihadist coup? Where are those tools who championed this annihilationist movement?

Hundreds rally outside Israeli consulate in Alexandria Ynet

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  1. “A non-Muslim should not rule over Muslims”: Egypt protests against Christian governor continue

    I wrote here this morning that these protests are happening “because Islamic law forbids non-Muslims to hold authority over Muslims.” And now comes direct confirmation that this is exactly why Muslims are protesting in Qena.

    Egypt to Confront Muslim Protests Against Christian Governor,” by Mariam Fam for Bloomberg, April 20:

    Egypt’s cabinet asked the interior minister to “confront acts that violate the law” in the southern province of Qena, where protesters, some blocking a railway line, are demanding the resignation of a Christian governor….
    “A non-Muslim should not rule over Muslims,” Mohammed Hamza, a 29-year-old who has been participating in the demonstrations, said in a telephone interview from Qena. “This guy could be shot at if he shows up here.”

    Some Christians also took part in the protests against Mikhail’s appointment because they were unhappy with the policies of Mikhail’s predecessor, also a Christian, Hamza said.

    Protesters have said they object to Mikhail’s appointment because he is a former senior police officer and they want a civilian governor.

    Christians make up an estimated 10 percent of Egypt’s population. Recent protests contrast a generally peaceful coexistence between Christians and the Muslim majority.

    Yeah, “generally peaceful.” Except for the occasional jihad attack, such as the the jihad-martyrdom suicide bombing that murdered twenty-two people and wounded eighty more at a church in Alexandria on New Year’s Eve. And the ongoing harassment of and discrimination against individual Christians. But you won’t hear about that from the mainstream media.

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