Australia updates

Terrorist sympathizer Dick Smith is just another green authoritarian with a dangerous contempt for humanity: Locust Smith is one malevolent creature

East Timor uninterested in Lard ass proposals

Greg Sheridan says the Government should stop embarrassing itself:

THE Bali meeting has ended in complete failure and humiliation for Julia Gillard’s proposed regional processing centre in East Timor.

Asking Greens to stop beeing Greens

Trying to convince the Greens that they should not support the BDS movement because Israel is the only democracy and an island of human decency in the ocean of Islamic totalitarian madness is futile because their main goal is to destroy western style democracy and human decency. (source)

What Labor has invited with its “compassion”

And surely even those who once cheered Labor’s more “compassionate” policies must admit they’ve brought unfortunate – and uncompassionate – outcomes, including record numbers of people in detention: 

Another boat, carrying 37 asylum seekers, was intercepted yesterday and will be taken to Christmas Island, the first since riots broke out this month.

Yet another Pali sob story for bleeding hearts

This is the one with poison in it!

Wife of mentally sick, sexual mad, paranoid Pal-Arab in Adelaide  claims “police do not let him win the court. Hesham is not only one who was taken from his homeland to be destroyed and killed.” (source)

Who would have thought? Pal-Arab cultural enricher “taken from his homeland to be destroyed and killed?”  Baad baad Australia!

So how come he’s still alive dodging the law and bleeding the taxpayer?

6 thoughts on “Australia updates”

  1. Is Irf funny? I always thought he was a fat looser with no humour what so ever!!!

    On other matters, 8 UN staff murdered by idiot muslims in Afghanistan.

    Is that funny brettg??

  2. This turd is demanding Australians be restricted to two kids, but still wants to bring in 70,000 invaders every year.

  3. Dick Smith lost all credibility when he supported muslim convert anti-semite David Hicks. Making lots of money does not necessarily equate to possessing common sense.

  4. Speaking about more invaders, I’m wondering about the ‘refugee boat’ that got sort of blown off course and ended up in West Timor last weekend. They were heading for us, so I’m curious if they’ll be re-provisioned and sent on their way to us and to the open arms of Gillard and co?

    I’ve been looking for updates on this, has anyone read or heard any more?

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