Beck Guest: ‘The Day America Turns Its Back on Israel, God Will Turn His Back on America

Pastor John Hagee joined Glenn to discuss why it is so important for the U.S. to stand by Israel, as it’s the only democracy in the Middle East.

5 thoughts on “Beck Guest: ‘The Day America Turns Its Back on Israel, God Will Turn His Back on America”

  1. Just Amazing !
    When our so called ‘leaders’ beck and Hagee, are so slow and blind to grasp reality.
    America treacherously betrayed Israel with her false peace scheme (Road Map) to divide up Israel and ‘gift’ it to the death cult as their 23rd state they most definitely did not deserve.
    America has already crossed the Rubicon.
    Shame on you Beck and Hagee for giving your blind followers false hope .

    1. Whose ‘leaders?’

      Beck is pretty much a one man show, he never claimed to be a ‘leader’.

      Hagee leads a small congregation of Christians who are pro Israel. Does that make him ‘betray Israel with a false peace scheme?’

      And what are you on about “blind followers false hope?”

  2. I saw that program.
    In it Beck indicated that leftist journalists have actually referred to him as a pro-Israel anti-Semite. As ridiculous as this sounds I found the article he was referring to in the WaPo: Why Glenn Beck Lost It by oipinion writer, Dana Milbank.

    I’m with Glenn. We must support the only semblance of true democracy in the Middle East. Israel needs that buffer zone in the Jordan Valley. If it is lost then Israel will be defenceless.

    We won’t know until 2012 whether Israel will receive the support of America. If Obama manages to get in for another term I would say Israel is screwed. Then we’ll all be screwed. But then, I am certain that is what Obama wants. His Alinskyist/ communist agenda is right on track.

  3. Yes, it may be too late for the U.S. We have shat upon Israel for too long. Beck is trying to pull us out of the whirlpool we have got too close too but, I don’t know if he’ll manage it. Leaving Fox News now is akin to abandoning us and the country. Telling his viewers not to burn korans was a slap in our faces. If the mooselums have the right to burn Torahs and Bibles then korans are fair game! Burn burn burn!

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