Bilal Philips Persona Non Grata in Germany

Oh, the places you’ll misunderstand Islam! Jamaican-born, Canadian-raised jihad preacher ordered to leave Germany

You can’t make this stuff up: “Philips, who was born in Jamaica and raised in Canada, spoke in Frankfurt earlier this week on the subject ‘Islam, the Misunderstood Religion’.”

“Islamist preacher ordered to leave Germany,” from Deutsche Presse-Agentur, April 21 (thanks to JW):

A radical Muslim preacher has been ordered by German authorities to depart the country immediately. The move comes after he attended an Islamist rally in Frankfurt that took place despite the objections of city leaders.

Citing security concerns, the authorities said if he doesn’t depart on his own, he could be arrested and forcibly deported.

Philips, who was born in Jamaica and raised in Canada, spoke in Frankfurt earlier this week on the subject “Islam, the Misunderstood Religion” alongside German Islamist preacher Pierre Vogel – who authorities have no way to deport – after a court allowed the event over the objections of Frankfurt officials.

Arid Uka, the 21-year-old Kosovar who has admitted to killing two US airmen in Frankfurt in March, is thought to have established contact to radical Islamist preachers including Vogel before the shooting.

Police said up to 1,500 people, separated by gender, attended the rally, where Philips appeared as a surprise guest. The 64-year-old has been on a tour of sorts around Europe, recently surfacing in Denmark.

Although Philips has failed to deliver extremist messages during his European appearances, he’s attracted plenty of protesters, including 500 in Frankfurt.

Philips, who runs an online university has attracted the ire of officials for his previously inflammatory messages and alleged links to Muslim extremists.

He is alleged to have preached that homosexuals should received the death penalty, although in Frankfurt he said he doesn’t hate gays at all.

Yeah, uh, nothing personal. Just capital punishment under Sharia.

In previous interviews he has also accused Western governments of oppressing him by falsely associating him with terrorism.


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  1. Imam who called for killing of gays and lesbians decries “Islamophobia”

    Maybe if Bilal Philips stopped calling for people to be murdered in accord with Islamic law, he would find “Islamophobia” on the wane. “Imam decries Islamophobia while Pride battles homophobia,” from the Globe and Mail, July 3:

    For some Pride veterans, it might have been a bit of a déja vu moment: As thousands of scantily clad, flamboyantly colourful Pride marchers sashayed down Yonge Street, the ire of several was drawn by speakers at a nearby convention who noted that, according to their scripture, homosexuality is an abomination.
    The conference was an annual convention at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre – a weekend-long series of discussions on what it means to be a devout Muslim in the 21st-Century.

    But one of speakers at the weekend-long conference has got in trouble with the city’s politicians before for anti-gay stands.

    Bilal Philips, a Jamaican-Canadian imam, was one of the weekend’s speakers. He was expelled from Germany earlier this year for saying, documented on YouTube and elsewhere, that Islamic law teaches that gays and lesbians should be killed.

    That wasn’t his focus on Sunday. Like his speech in Germany, his talk centred on Islamophobia and how Muslims can combat it, and misconceptions surrounding their faith, in a plugged-in world.

    But he suggested his audience take his treatment in Europe as a lesson in “vigilant” PR.

    “I got expelled from Germany for life, why? Because I said I believe that according to Islamic law, homosexuals should be executed if they are caught in the act. It’s Islamic law. I’m not allowed to believe that? … Just to believe that, you’re a threat to the society?

    Uh, yeah.

    “So this is how vigilant they are,” he said. “We should be also vigilant with the media. When things are said, we should be responsive, we should be on Google, on Facebook, whatever. We should be responding to these things.”…
    And they are, with fogs of misinformation and disinformation.

  2. Ivan: You are wrong that no nation has bmeraced Islam without force being involved. Indonesia and Zanzibar were converted. In addition, the Moros of the Phillipines are converts.Indonesia experienced Islamic wars before it was entirely converted.I am currently researching Zanzibar.As to the Moros, have you ever been to the Philippines? The entire MILF debacle is one endless bloody skirmish, just like what Islam has been famous for throughout its entire history.Islam also has this nasty little habit related to something called jahiliyya (pre-Islamic period), whereby Muslims eradicate all traces of preexisting cultures in lands that they invade. It can make uncovering traces of violent invasion a difficult task at best.The Temple of Cyrus in Iran, the Bamiyan Buddhas, The Hagia Sophia along with a gazillion temples on the Subcontinent all experiences Islamic “rebranding”.Islam is singlehandedly responsible for vandalizing this world’s historic record more than any other one entity.Even now the Waqf are destroying priceless Jewish artifacts that they are digging from beneath The Dome of the Rock, even at the risk of structurally destabilizing al Aqsa Mosque.Should that intrusive abomination topple, guess who will be blamed?Ghazvas, harams, zawiyyahs, husseinyiah, rabats, takiyahs, call them what you will; a huge number of them camouflage the ruins of similar, if not greater, structures wherever Islam has spread.What’s more, even if Zanzibar did accept Islam peacefully, it would be the exception that proves the rule.You will have to provide some cites and links before I can accept what is being asserted. Islam’s historic trail is drenched in the blood of almost 300,000,000 corpses and it argues strongly against any peaceful adoptions of that creed, ever.

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