Brave Artists Practicing Freedom of Expression; Nail Palin to the Cross

While Dhimmis Cower, Artists Boldly Spit at Jesus

As left-wing Senators like Harry Reid (D-NV) and Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) call for rescinding the First Amendment lest Americans say anything that displeases Muslims, this is how Christianity is treated by the liberal arts community: (Moonbattery)

But of course they also have a monkey Jesus:

Somehow I doubt Christians will be cutting off any heads over the tasteless insults above, which were part of the recent Jesus Is Coming exhibit at the R & R Gallery in Los Angeles.

None of these brave  creative types was planning a similar exhibition on the Muslim profit Muhammad. Why not?

Among the differences between displaying this trash and burning a Koran is that Christianity can be insulted without inspiring its followers to cut off innocent people’s heads. In a world run by oily cowards like Reid and Graham, the insult that is used as a pretext for psychotic violence is the one that is condemned by the government, while the sort of rubbish you see above has been coercively subsidized with your tax dollar.

Next Muslims would declare that they’ll be “offended” if we don’t turn over all our money to the Middle East — except that we’re already doing that, with extravagant foreign aid we can’t afford and by tolerating a government that won’t let us drill our own oil.