Pinhead O'Reilly: Koran-Burning Florida Pastor Terry Jones Has “Blood On His Hands Because He Knew Muslims Would Go Crazy”…

Billy the Buffoon should move on to MSNBC or to some other state-run propaganda channel, he just doesn’t get it. I mean this guy is still wondering whether Zero is a ‘socialist’. He doesn’t even dare to ask whether the undocumented impostor  in the white house is eligible to be POTUS . This blow-boy cringes every time he has to mention Islam and Muslims. And  don’t expect any defense of free speech from this jackass, because this yellow bellied coward is the first to throw the towel:   Chickenshit Bill O’Reilly: “The risk [of free speech] is higher than the reward” on the South Park Fartwa

He also rudely shouted down Geert Wilders with this hopelessly clueless exclamation:

O’Reilly: “I can pull out the bible and find all kinds of inflammatory stuff”-

You can, Billy. We all can.  But only a clueless, loud-mouthed jerk  like  you would not be able to tell the difference between the historical record, which the OT is, and the murderous, dirty book that makes the soldiers of allah kill unbelievers.

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  1. Meanwhile, that other jackass Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) responds to the criticism by Mark Steyn and Andrew Stuttaford about his weekend comments on free speech and Koran burning.

    Predictably, he hasn’t changed his mind, he’s just constricting himself in more mealy mouthed BS.

    Spencer: A Koran, and Free Speech, In Flames

    Even Robert Spencer calls Pastor Jones Koran burning “disgusting”- what does that tell you?
    Voluntary dhimmitude from those you expect it the least. Jones can do what he likes, he is a free man.

    In Human Events this morning I discuss Koran-burning riots in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and how they constitute a rapidly growing threat to the freedom of speech:

    Enraged over the burning of a Koran in Florida, Muslims have murdered about 20 people in Afghanistan and five in Pakistan—none of whom ever burned a Koran or had any acquaintance with the men who did.
    These killers are monstrous. They have assassinated innocent people for something that they couldn’t conceivably have had anything to do with. And yet instead of calling them monstrous and demanding that Islamic leaders stop inciting and approving of such behavior, Western government and media elites are blaming not the murderers and rioters, but the man behind the Koran-burning, the notorious Christian fundamentalist pastor Terry Jones.

    Thus Guardian editor Matt Seaton explained that Jones was to blame because his Koran-burning was “done knowingly involving reckless endangerment, and quite possibly wishing for this kind of bad result.” This assumed that the Muslims who were rioting and killing over the burning of a book half a world away had no control over their reactions, and thus could not be held accountable for them: For enlightened leftists such as Seaton, it is the West’s responsibility to make sure the Islamic world behaves in a civilized manner. How paternalistic and ethnocentric of those most committed to multiculturalism.

    Barack Obama reacted the same way when Jones first threatened to burn a Koran last year. He said that “this stunt that he is talking about pulling could greatly endanger our young men and women who are in uniform. Look, this is a recruitment bonanza for al-Qaeda. You could have serious violence in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

    Obama found the burning of the Koran, and the burning of any book, distasteful, as do I. But that was why he should have stood up for Terry Jones. Speech that is inoffensive needs no protection, and those in power can all too easily use “hate speech” codes to restrict speech they find politically inconvenient or challenging. Obama could have said: “While I disapprove of this Koran-burning, in America we believe that freedom of expression is a fundamental bulwark against tyranny and the hallmark of a truly free society, and it requires us to put up with things we don’t like without responding with violence.”

    He could, in short, have used Jones’ barbecued Koran as a teaching tool to demonstrate why free societies are preferable to sharia states. But instead, Obama and the media are effectively reinforcing the principle that violent intimidation works: They knew that somewhere in the world Muslims were going to behave like rabid dogs because of the burned Koran, and instead of telling them to grow up and act like civilized people, they are demanding that free people change the way they behave to adjust to this case of rabies….

    There is more.

  2. Found a site on the web by a woman who has more brains and balls than Graham, Reid, Holder, Obama, Bloomberg and all the Democrat men put together. Her name is Ann Barnhardt, she burned a Quran on YouTube, reading quotes from the book of crap, and the best part is it’s directed to L. Graham, calling him a jackass several times. It’s great, and going viral.

  3. Libturds are a danger to us all:

    TIME Mag’s Joe Klein: Koran-Burning Pastor “As Murderous As Any Suicide Bomber”…

    The warped mind of a lefty is a scary place.

    Burning a copy of the Koran is morally equivalent to flying a plane into the World Trade Center and equally eternally damnable.

    That’s essentially the fatwa of Time magazine’s Joe Klein in an April 1 blog post at the magazine’s Swampland blog.

    Klein was condemning Florida pastor Terry Jones’s “trial” and subsequent burning of a Koran which allegedly have sparked a murderous rampage against UN workers in Afghanistan last week:

    [T]here should be no confusion about this: Jones’s act was murderous as any suicide bomber’s. If there is a hell, he’s just guaranteed himself an afterlifetime membership.

    One has to wonder if Klein would say the same thing about a taxpayer-funded artist who photographed a crucifix soaked in a jar of urine or portrayed the Virgin Mary in elephant dung.

    Oh wait, that’s right, those demonstrations didn’t result in angry Catholic mobs killing completely innocent third parties. Heck, they didn’t even result in the death or injury of the “artists” responsible.

    Yes, Jones’s actions were either thoughtless or callously disregarding of the potential deadly consequences to innocent third parties, particularly U.S. troops, international aid workers, and any and all Christians in the Muslim world who on top of persecution for their faith may now be considered guilty by association to Jones.

    That being said, Klein fails to hold morally culpable the murderous thugs who take vengeance in the name of Allah. Klein rightly considers Jones’s provocative burning of the Koran as “un-Christian,” but fails to slam as un-Islamic the act of killing people in the name of Allah.

    Isn’t Allah big enough to exact vengeance for himself? Klein clearly thinks, if there is a God, that he’s big enough to deal with Jones for his actions. So why not a pronouncement of anathema on the thugs who are personally responsible for bloodshed in Afghanistan?

    Read more:

  4. What the moonbats are saying although they won’t admit it is that Mohammedans are brainwashed morons who resort to violence at the slightest excuse.

  5. I find it very disheartening to read all this condemnations of Dr.T.Jones. There is no blood on his hands. It is on the hands of those who are doing the killing in accordance with the teachings of the religion of the Koranimals. Has anybody read the reasons on why the Quran was put on trial and when found guilty was burned. Here is an explanation from Dr.T.Jones blog.
    “We are not against Muslims. They are welcome to be in America and worship freely. We do, however, warn that Muslims are not welcome to be in America without submitting to our laws. We are also well aware of the pressures Muslim communities place on neighbors, institutions and businesses to become ‘Sharia compliant.’ Muslims often expect a society in which they live to bow to the various laws of Islam, and put pressure on that society not to question Islam’s teachings. We have seen this happen in Europe. We warn that this pressure is not welcome in America.”
    Read the ten reasons for the burning of the Quran here:…-again

  6. I am sick and damn tired of people like Sean Hannity mindlessly parroting this canard about the need to self-censor else it “endanger the troops”. This is the same Sean Hannity who railed against the proposed Ground Zero mosque last summer. I agree with him on that. However, this “endangers the troops” argument could (and has) been made about opposition to the mosque. The man behind the mosque, Rauf, made that argument on CNN.

    This is ridiculous. It’s no wonder the Left has advanced so much in this country, when people like Sean Hannity are the supposed stalwarts of conservatism. Do they seriously not see how they are buying into false premises hook, line, and sinker? Are they painted-into-the-corner by a reflexive support for whatever is perceived as the pro-military position? By accepting this canard about individual American citizens having “blood on their hands”, they are communicating the worst possible message: that in the clash of civilizations, it is ours that bears the duty and obligation to acquiesce to theirs. Oh, I’m sure Hannity would go into one of his nasally little rants while cutting off any caller who made this observation, but it’s the truth. What’s next, Mr. Hannity? When the Muslims inevitably up the ante and start blaming the West’s “heresies” (like, oh, eating pork? Women daring to expose ankles?) for their murderous rampages, will Hannity righteously accuse patrons of barbecue cook-offs of endangering our troops? It’s an affront to Allah, and we know how sensitive the Muslims are! If they can’t control their rage any longer and decapitate some infidels, will Hannity and that other blowhard, O’Reilly, condemn Americans for not voluntarily submitting to the dictates of Islamic dietary law?

    What a moron. Hannity is an intellectual lightweight.

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