Burned Qur'an in Florida used as pretext for 20 murders in Afghanistan

My crystal ball tells me  that the farcical UN will now cave in to  OIC demands  to implement the blasphemy laws they so crave.

When human lives are worth less than paper (Andrew Bolt)

Target rich environment

While bibles are destroyed, desecrated and banned from Muslim countries, and Christians, Jews, and Hindus are systematically persecuted, slaughtered and oppressed — this horror. Killing UN employees, an organization voluntarily and largely driven by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Instead of a thank you, one big FU.   Al Jizz implies that the preacher made ’em do it; that’s how in control the Muslim world is of the narrative.

As predicted here, what has been almost entirely lost in the discussion is the fact that Muslims have the free will to restrain themselves when offended, if they so choose.

Even the headline below takes the automatic, violent reaction of Muslims for granted — simple cause and effect — thereby tacitly excusing them from responsibility after being “provoked.”

For which other group would such behavior be accepted as normal, as a logical and inevitable response? Fill in the blanks. Mix and match as you like. “__________ go on rampage after two preachers of the __________ faith burn their holy book, the __________, 20 dead.”

Muslims ought to be insulted at the low expectations for them, and embarrassed by their co-religionists who are also burning utterly, completely, obviously unaffiliated churches in Pakistan over Jones’ and Sapp’s burning of the Qur’an. But of course, they’re getting the better part of that double standard.

We should see at least equal Muslim outrage to those opportunistic “revenge” attacks on non-Muslims, true hate crimes that they are. But don’t bet the farm on it. At least not in Afghanistan or Pakistan, where it may yet be burned down and seized by an enraged mob.

As usual the riots are instigated by the clerics at the so-called Friday prayers….. (pic via ZIP)

“Two beheaded, 20 dead in Afghan clash after U.S. preacher burns Koran,” by Mohammad Bashir for the Associated Press, April 1:

Afghan protesters angered by the burning of a Koran by an obscure U.S. pastor killed up to 20 UN staff, beheading two foreigners, when they overran a compound in a “normally peaceful” northern city on Friday in the worst-ever attack on the UN in Afghanistan.

According to the AP, one protester held a sign that said, “We want these bloody bastard Americans with all their forces to leave Afghanistan.”

At least eight foreigners were among the dead after attackers took out security guards, burned parts of the compound and climbed up blast walls to topple a guard tower, said Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, a police spokesman for the northern region.

Five protesters were also killed and around 20 wounded.

The governor of Balkh province said insurgents had used the march as cover to attack the compound, in a battle that raged for several hours and raises serious questions about plans to make the city a pilot for security transfer to national forces.

“The insurgents have taken advantage of the situation to attack the UN compound,” said Governor Ata Mohammad Noor.

He told a news conference that many in the crowd of protesters had been carrying guns. Almost 30 people have already been detained over the attack, he added.

Afghan police and army, who the United Nations rely on for their first line of defence, were apparently unable to control the crowd. German troops are also stationed in Balkh, and the NATO-led coalition said they had received a request for help.

“Apparently unable to control the crowd.” You’ll understand if we’re skeptical.

“Eight foreigners were killed, and two were beheaded,” Ahmadzai said.

In a statement, the Florida church’s pastor, Terry Jones, wasn’t apologetic for the Koran-burning incident that occurred at his church:

We… find this a very tragic and criminal action. The United States government and the United Nations itself, must take immediate action. We must hold these countries and people accountable for what they have done as well as for any excuses they may use to promote their terrorist activities. (More)

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  1. Chuckles knows who to blame:

    It makes perfect moral sense to a Liberal to blame the slaughter of people at the hand of Muslims, not on the Muslims being killed, but on the reasons their feelings are hurt. “Pastor” Terry Jones followed through and burned a Koran a few weeks ago. Today we learn that Muslims in Afghanistan went on a bloody rampage and killed at least seven people because they were offended or something by the Koran being burned. Leave it to a Liberal blogger to blame Jones and not the Muslims kill people because of their faith.

    Psycho hate preacher Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, carried through on his threat to burn a Koran recently.

    And today, at least seven United Nations workers are dead in northern Afghanistan, after an enraged mob stormed the UN compound…Jones, of course, is completely unrepentant.


  2. Well Chuckles has a curse on his brain so it’s no wonder he’s such a moonbat. He messed with God now look at him totally insane and he will stay that way until his death, and after that he will join his muhammadan friends in hell.

  3. Worthless islamic scum – if I see any afghan muslim in Oz it will be removed!!!!!!!! Folks in the coalition in Afghanistan – see one of the thugs that murdered these UN people then BURN it alive. I WANT the muslims that murdered these UN people killed in the most horrible of ways and I WANT the jerks that make excuses for them humiliated and removed from any positions of political influence. The clock has started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. And I buy Korans for SHIT PAPER, after which I piss on them and then BURN THEM. Got a complaint islamist turd, then take it up with me personally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be DYING to meet me!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This site is disgusting, and does nothing except promulgate false propaganda to perpetuate the foolish stereotypes that the US government wants you to believe in order to create domestic support for their crusade in the oil bearing world. Muslims are Christians cousins philosophically, and their common adversary are the Jews. Who killed Christ? Who continues to mock his death? Americans and Evangelicals continue to support the Jews, and they continue to laugh at them while exploiting the support provided.

  6. * Who killed Christ?

    According to allah’s false prophet, no-one killed Christ (Sura 4:157).
    muslims want it both ways – to simultaneously deny the crucifixion occurred, while asserting that the Jews dun it.

    The truth is somewhat different:

    “No one takes it away from me, but I lay it down by myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. I received this commandment from my Father.” – John 10:18

    In any event muslims damn themselves when they deny the crucifixion of Jesus Christ for their sins. allah cannot save himself, let alone 1.x billion muslims.

    * Who continues to mock his death?

    allah, Mo, and 1.x billion muslims.

  7. Quote:
    Muslims are Christians cousins philosophically, and their common adversary are the Jews.

    A good Nazi position if ever there was one. You were born 100 years too late.

    Who killed Christ? Who continues to mock his death?
    end quote.

    They humiliate and kill Christians EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  8. Unfortunately eib, Nazism is recovering from the deadly wound it received in 1945, and is spreading its poison via islam and its enablers. Nathan is the future – Megiddo awaits him, unless he changes course.

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