Dearbornistan: Islam Beats First Amendment Rights, Jones Goes to Jail


Pastor released from jail after being held on $1 ‘peace bond’

Never In America

“The fact that society may find speech offensive is not a sufficient reason for suppressing it. Indeed, if it is the speaker’s opinion that gives offense, that consequence is a reason for according it constitutional protection. For it is a central tenet of the First Amendment that the government must remain neutral in the marketplace of ideas.”

Chief Justice Rehnquist, HUSTLER MAGAZINE v. FALWELL, 1988  (Jawa Report)

Here’s Pamela’s take on the collusion and coziness between Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee:

Qur’an-burning pastor ordered to stay away from Dearborn mosque for 3 years as planned protest is ruled “likely to provoke violence”

The message Dearborn authorities are sending? Intimidation through the threat of violence works. In this case, even the ACLU is having none of it, and has argued for Jones’ constitutional protections under the First Amendment to be acknowledged and upheld.

Making exceptions against the right of free speech sets a disastrous precedent, which one may fully expect Islamic groups in America to manipulate in the future. An update on this story. “Detroit mosque protest barred by court,” by Bernie Woodall for Reuters, April 22 (thanks to JW):


  • Americans in this culture would rather murder 1,000 people than see a Qur’an burnt, so Jones is jailed
  • “With freedom comes responsibility. Speak freely, but ….” said Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom. (Islamic headbangers are the speech police now?)
  • Even the KKK sides with the Muzz: KKK deplores Terry Jones, calls Koran burning un-American (it can’t get any more crazier than that….)

DEARBORN, Michigan (Reuters) – A controversial Florida pastor was briefly jailed and released on Friday after a Michigan court determined that his planned protest outside a mosque was likely to provoke violence and ordered him to stay away.

Terry Jones, 59, was sent to county jail after he declined to pay a $1 bond as ordered by Judge Mark Somers, who also ordered him to stay away from the Islamic Center of America for three years.

But about an hour later, police said Jones and a supporter, Wayne Sapp, were released from custody after the token $1 bond was paid.

Both Jones and Sapp were had initially refusing to meet the terms of a “peace bond” set by Somers in protest.

A six-person jury in the Dearborn, Michigan court ruled earlier on Friday that their planned protest outside the largest mosque in the United States was “likely to breech [sic] the peace” in a suburb of Detroit with a large Muslim American population.

The one-day jury trial on the planned protest by Jones was streamed live on the Internet and attracted widespread notice for pitting free speech on a highly charged issue against concerns about public safety.

Jones, 59, is the leader of a tiny, fringe fundamentalist church in Gainesville, Florida, who has an unknown until he courted publicity and controversy by burning the Koran as part of what he describes as a campaign against “radical Islam.”

The American Civil Liberties Union petitioned unsuccessfully for the case against Jones to be thrown out.

An ACLU spokeswoman said Dearborn officials had violated free speech protections of the Constitution and given more publicity to a divisive and fringe figure by trying to bar his protest.

“We vehemently disagree with Mr. Jones and his cohorts. However, this is a complete abuse of the court process and all those involved should be ashamed,” said ACLU spokeswoman Rana Elmir.

She added: “I believe that Rev. Jones came to Dearborn for his 15 minutes of fame and the judge and prosecutors have now effectively given him hours of that.”

The Qur’an burning initially passed very quietly in the U.S., and would be forgotten as old news by now except for the murderous rampages that then erupted in the Islamic world (no thanks to Afghan president Hamid Karzai), which, once again, burned far more Qur’ans than Jones and Sapp.

Jones had asked for a permit to stage a protest on Good Friday on public land across from the mosque.

City officials said the mosque and four nearby churches were expected to be crowded with several thousand worshipers at that time.

Dearborn police had denied Jones’s request and asked him to protest instead in a “free speech zone” in front of one of the city buildings.

But Jones, who represented himself in court on Friday, argued that violated his free speech rights.

“The First Amendment is only valid if it allows us to say what other people may not like,” Jones told jurors. “Otherwise, we do not need the First Amendment.”

Police had estimated that it would cost over $46,000 to protect Jones and a handful of supporters from violence if they had protested outside the mosque.

Prosecutors had asked for bond for both Jones and Sapp to be set at $25,000.

Speaking of bad precedents:

Somers said he would consider lifting his three-year ban on visits to the mosque and nearby property by Jones and Sapp if the leaders of the Dearborn mosque asked him to do so in the future…

Dearborn is bad news:

Essentially, authorities in Dearborn, Michigan are asking Pastor Terry Jones to pay the city for the privilege of exercising his First Amendment right. The First Amendment protects one’s right to express their opinions, but does not protect one’s “right” not to be offended.

Keep in mind, Dearborn is a city that enforces Sharia by arresting Christians who peacefully attempt to proselytize Muslims. The mayor was caught in blatant lies by accusing the defendants of charges that the video evidence proved to be untrue. Dearborn authorities relied on testimony that later, again in the videos, proved to be lies.

And, most disturbing, Dearborn authorities have been accused of covering up the fact that “honor killings” may have been committed in the Muslim communities in and around the city.

So, Dearborn is a place with a reputation for placating the Muslim population by enforcing certain Sharia provisions that violate basic American rights.

Love him or hate him, Pastor Jones – or any other person, for that matter – should never have to pay for the privilege of their First Amendment right. It sets a very dangerous precedent, not only in putting a monetary value on freedom of expression, but also in legitimizing threats of violence and terrorism.

Rusty covered some of this case HERE. Video below the fold.  (Jawa Report)

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  1. What about SKOKIE again?


    AMERICA FAIL!!!!!!

    never thought I’d live to see this day! wow.

  2. For law enforcement & the judiciary, this is the easy way out. They don’t want anything to interfere with their doughnut munching and high school girl chasing. They’re cowards. They can’t, won’t and or are afraid to control the Muslims so they switch to someone they can control, a one-horse, hillbilly preacher from another state. This is very dangerous ground they’re ploughing. Terry Jones is the American here. I don’t know what country the judiciary and law enforcement represent. If they want a bond, get it from the f’ing Muslims. They’re the ones who perpetrate the violence. Or, did I miss something?

  3. Dearbornistan officials have committed treason and should be held to the appropriate punishment. Dhimmi jackasses.

  4. Update:

    Terry Jones’ Closing Remarks in Court

    “How far do we back down? How far do we give in? When do we say there is enough?

    “I mean, is intimidation and fear enough of a reason to give in? And once we start giving in, well, when do we stop?

    “…I don’t think it’s a good enough reason.”

    Below are the closing remarks made by pastor Terry Jones during his trial today in the Dearborn courtroom. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

    Unreal: Baptist Pastor Accuses Terry Jones of “Crucifying Muslims”…

    U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn, told crowds outside the library that Dearborn welcomes all who come into the city with fellowship. But those like Jones who preach hate should “go away,” Dingell said.
    “Take your ill will back to where you come from,” Dingell said. “There is no place for you here.”

    From The Detroit News:

  5. “KKK deplores Terry Jones, calls Koran burning un-American (it can’t get any more crazier than that….)

    Islam / KKK ? Isn’t the KKK just the ideological western ” retail arm” of Islams BLACK wholesale slave trading enterprise ?

    Any Negros OOPS sorry “Black Persons” out there could you tell me (a Caucasian Person OOPS, Sorry,” Cracker / Whitey”) why Negros, OOPS there I go again, sorry “Black Persons” are so enamoured and supportive of the Religion that thought so much of “Coloured People” they enslaved them and sold them all over the world OFFICIALLY until 1961.
    The trade in Negros OOPS !!!!!Sorry there I go again, this crazy Caucasian Cracker Whitey cannot but help but talk in terms of FACTUAL definition.

    Ok I will try again, are there any “tinted persons” out there who can tell me why so many “tinted persons” are so devoted to the Religion, ISLAM, that hunted down and enslaved their ancestors and sold them as Slaves to their fellow Islamists, and later to people in America who voted against the abolition of Slavery (The Democrats)

  6. Unreal: Baptist Pastor Accuses Terry Jones of “Crucifying Muslims”…

    I object !!! Muslims should only be:

    Identified + Interned + Repatriated to an Islamic Utopia of their choosing.
    After all anything else would be Contrary to Judeo Christian Democracy and by definition … Islamic or Socialist.

  7. I wonder if any of the non-Moslem decision makers has ever bothered to read the Koran (Qur’an). I can’t imagine a jury box populated by people deciding the guilt or innocence of an accused person if none of the jurors
    (non-Moslem) has never read that book. The Koran should be banned as hate literature, just as Germany has banned Mein Kampf . Where we Jews are concerned, the two are the same dreck.

  8. Shame on us. Regardless of what you think about Terry Jones, he has a right to voice his opinion. Does the city have a requirement to protect him? NO! Should the city or judiciary infringe on his First Amendment rights for his protection? NO!

    Once we begin stripping citizens of their First Amendment rights we are finished as a nation. The Republic is damning itself to extinction.

  9. It’s a pure 1st amendment and human rights violations done by the local authority, no question about it.

    Something like this only happened in a Fascist regime or maybe Dearborn had became a FASCIST City, in which managed by Fascist Chief of Police, Fascist DA, Fascist Mayor, and the fascist prosecutor or maybe they have already on the monthly payroll of the Grand Mosque.

    I believe the FBI should have intervened and made an investigation of the illegal bribes of the local authorities.

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