EUro-Dhimmies Blame the Victim

A particularly witless example of the Leftist/Islamic convergence. “Europeans Blame Israel for Murders Committed by Islamists,” by Benjamin Weinthal for the Weekly Standard, April 26 (thanks to JW):

Berlin—Many European reactions to the recent murders by radical Islamists of pro- Palestinian Israeli filmmaker Juliano Mer-Khamis and Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni replicate the typical recurrence of the same: Shift the blame to Israel in an a priori fashion without delving into existing empirical evidence.Take the example of Inge Höger, a Left Party member of the German Bundestag, who blamed both executions on the Israeli government. Relying on German taxpayer funds to pay for her Left Party website, she said:

The question one must pose is: Who profits from this terrible crime? First of all, now two of the activists most ‘dangerous’ for Israel, because they were the most engaged, well known and noted, are eliminated. The murders of Vittorio and Juliano could also be a means of dealing a serious blow to the international solidarity movement – especially given the upcoming second flotilla and the fact that international activists still won’t let themselves be prevented from going to Palestine.

[…] Radical Salafists were responsible for Arrigoni’s murder in the Gaza Strip. And it is widely believed that hardcore Islamists also killed Mer-Khamis in Jenin…..