Freedom Baby, Freedom!

‘I wanted to be free’: Muslim model upsets family by posing nude for Playboy cover

Well, I guess most of us wouldn’t have a problem getting along with this kind of Muslim……..

I just hope she doesn’t get killed. Non-Muslim women in the West who do this sort of thing to break free from the restrictions of their childhood risk alienation from their families, but generally their lives are not in danger. However, given the Islamic cultural toleration of honor killing, which continues to be ignored in the West, the same cannot be said of Muslim women like Sila Sahin. (JW)
Liberating? I did it because I wanted to be free,’ said Sila Sahin of the nude Playboy photographs that offended her Turkish family

Sila Sahin, a 25-year-old Turkish German living in Berlin, had until now been regarded as a glowing example of how a modern Muslim girl should behave in a multicultural society.

A successful actress starring in German television soap opera Good Times, Bad Times, she pleased her many fans and made her Turkish family proud.

But her latest move has shocked some of those fans, and enraged those closest to her.

Posing provocatively on the cover of German Playboy magazine with one breast exposed, Sila Sahin seems to be sending a clear and deliberate message to her “conservative”  Turkish family.

‘I did it because I wanted to be free at last,’ she said. ‘These photographs are a liberation from the restrictions of my childhood.’   Read more: Daily Mail


We got her uncensored also:

15 thoughts on “Freedom Baby, Freedom!”

  1. If I looked like that I’d probably want to show it off too, she’s gorgeous! I sincerely hope that she hires some good security for her safety. I think it’d be a crime to cover a girl who looks like that up with a burka.

  2. then zilla if people rape you, who will u blame??? it should be covered and enjoyed by the husband only and only !!

  3. They’ll kill her. No doubt about it.
    It’s what they do.

    Unbelievable body though. Good on her.

  4. @mohammad:
    “then zilla if people rape you, who will u blame???”
    The rapist of course! Who else?
    Are you suggesting we should also blame the sick people who informed the rapist that rape was acceptable because Mohammud did it?
    Well all right, but in the end, it is the person who commits the crime that is guilty – not the victim – it that were not so most islamists in the UK would have been murdered by now.

  5. Sorry, gsw. You won’t get a job as a counsellor by blaming the perp. /sarc

  6. Well, Mo, it would be the rapist’s fault of course, but if the rapists were muslim it would also be the fault of their filthy evil devil book and backwards death cult which encourages mindless violence and barbarity! The Koran is an unholy wicked book and Mohammud was an illiterate murderous misogynist pedophile lunatic.

  7. She’s a Turk. She may not be killed. Turkish women are far more liberated than any other Muslim women on earth. She may be killed by an outsider – a maniac – however as I have stated many times before Turkish women have a lot to fear with the Edogan government. They are inching back toward the old Islamic ways. Women in Turkey have reason to fear this government. They dont want to go back to the Burqu – no way. They want to keep wearing the bikini, going to disco’s and all the other things that a modern woman anywhere can do. They adore Attaturk and his great gift of democracy to the Turkish people and most men like their freedom too. You will however never wipe out the manic view of those still living in the Otterman Empire. It is dead and gone baby!

  8. mohammad- you gutless wonder,it’s impossible,I know,but try to take some responsibility for your own actions,you despicable mongrel
    I await your undoubtably intelligent answer.

  9. One day she will regret it as a muslim, what else she got for her pride & dignity? None / Nil / Zero. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

  10. Hey baby you are so hot it makes me want to find you and have sex with you

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