"Mentally Disturbed" (Musel-)man Sets Fire to Barcelona Cathedrale

Just in time for Easter.

Check the leftarded reporting:

“Fire breaks out in iconic Barcelona church”  and  “Fire ‘erupted’ in a suspected arson attack”

That’s it. “Fire broke out”. Mysteriously.

Wherever Muselmaniacs managed to settle behind what they perceive to be enemy lines, church-fires start breaking out, synagogues are firebombed, Hindu temples get shot up and now and there are all kinds of of ‘eruptions’, but never anything to do with Islam right? Right?

Firemen stand in front of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona after a fire broke out inside the famous church

FIRE erupted in a suspected arson attack on Barcelona’s historic Sagrada Familia church, forcing 1500 tourists to evacuate, officials said.

Firefighters extinguished the fire in the sacristry before it could consume the stonework of Antoni Gaudi’s world-renowned masterpiece, but some furnishings were damaged, they said.

Ambulances ferried away four men working on the church who had inhaled smoke belching out from the blaze in the Barcelona landmark which was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI last year.

A “disturbed” man was suspected of setting off the fire in the basilica’s sacristry – the room for keeping vestments and furniture – which was closed to the public at the time, according to church and police officials.

“He appears to be a disturbed man of around 55 who was found with several lighters in his pocket,” the Sagrada Familia Foundation president Joan Rigol said outside the church.

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5 thoughts on “"Mentally Disturbed" (Musel-)man Sets Fire to Barcelona Cathedrale”

  1. You sure this is a Muslim? Because I looked into this earlier, thinking it might be. But one of the Spanish paper’s mentioned his first names as being Jose Maria and another paper described him as a “local man”.

  2. As I read the twitters floating thru out the day, I noticed the Spanish papers ( i.e. http://tinyurl.com/44zgssg ) were identifying the ‘suspected arsonist’ as:

    “La policía local detuvo como supuesto autor del incendio a un hombre de 65 años, José María L.S., quien, según diversas fuentes oficiales, tiene problemas mentales.”

    Googlish translation: “The local police arrested alleged perpetrator of the fire as a man of 65, José María LS, who, according to various official sources, has mental problems.”

    Is L.S. a title or obfuscation of identity? The immediate characterization of the ‘suspected arsonist’ having ‘mental problems’ appears to follow the pattern of law authority’s diversion of suspicions toward all things related to those who-shall-not-be-named (wink wink).

    The ” L.S.”

  3. No links to terrorists, but look where he works. You don’t have to be linked to terrorists to be a terrorist in islam. All you have to do is attend Friday prayers to get your terrorist instructions. There is more to be revealed.
    We will see! We will see!

    ‘No links to terrorism’ in man’s hijack attempt | April 26, 2011 – 10:28AM
    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/travel/travel-news/no-links-to-terrorism-in-mans-hijack-attempt-20110426-1duio.html

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