From Villawood to KRudd and Back

Andrew Bolt

Hey big spender:

Why is KRudd spending so wildly on Libya?

Why is it the fault of the hosts, and not the guests?

It’s our fault they fight?

VIOLENT young Sudanese men will continue to wreak havoc unless the state government improves its relationship with youth service providers, community leaders have warned.

I guess all we need is more social workers, interfaith shysters and Yuman Rites activists……

‘Interfaith’ with machetes:

The stabbings tell us they aren’t quite settling in

ANOTHER Sudanese beauty pageant, another brawl.

I love the smell of Villawood burning in the mornig

Reopen Nauru. Bring back the TPVs.

Only pride has stopped Labor from doing what may work—but yesterday Bowen blinked.

He announced the law would be changed so that boat people who, say, burned down detention centres or were convicted of any other crime could be denied a permanent visa.  Labor needs a protection visa, after all. For itself

Close the borders:

Just stop the damn boats

4 thoughts on “From Villawood to KRudd and Back”

  1. You would think we would learn from America! They have gone from King of the World to last cab on the rank. They have lost control of their country and we are on the way to complete loss of control too.

    Our bleeding heart government and citizen morons, (marching for detainees) will be the death of all of us. We need strength now, not some giggling girly like K., Rudd or Princess Gillard.

    What a fool she made of herself this week. The Chinese would have had a great laugh at her expense. According to ABC no Chinese language newspaper covered “her story” and only a page four or five item in the English language newspaper was recorded. For another billion readers, she was no news.

    When dealing with the most powerful nation on earth, the Chinese can well afford to smile and do what they are going to do anyhow. The strength of their army and military hardware is unsurpassed. They know it and we should get to know it.

    Hunam rights? What’s that? I taught in China for three years – those boys are not going to stop Human Rights violations now or ever, at least while this government is in power. China is corrupt from the head down. Julia Gillard, should look at the great hall of the people when there is a party meeting – not many women present and if so, they are dressed like men. I agree with Gay Waterhouse, but Julia Gillard also needs a brain makeover as well. Our Prime Minister is an old chook.

    Ever heard of Tienamen Square Julia?

  2. Israel’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Chips Away at Australian Boycott
    by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu From Arutz Sheva this morning.

    An Australian city was anxious to enforce a boycott against Israel, but after its city council discovered that Intel, HP and Motorola operate from the Jewish State, the city chose computers over boycotts.
    The Marrickville City Council recently held a stormy debate on a motion to ban Israeli goods and services as part of the international “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” campaign against Israel.
    Towards the event, a local newspaper asked, “What will the city council do when it discovers that many Intel products are made in Israel?” The city stood to lose $4 million in taxes by banning Motorola, Intel and HP.
    The boycott was voted down, for ideological as well as practical reasons, but supporters found solace in the council’s formal statement that it is ”concerned about Palestinian human rights and calls on Israel to end the ‘occupation’ of Palestinian lands.”
    The Marrickville mayor and pro-Arab activists, among them a Jew, exchanged shouts with opponents, who were buoyed and encouraged by native Israelis. The Australian foreign and prime ministers also opposed the proposed boycott.

    Perhaps our government should listen to the People of Marrickville – they dont want Islam, they dont want sanctions. They speak for middle Australia. Good on you Marrickville. Down with those councillors who tried this on their voters. Dont think they will get in again and let’s hope we all have a chance to vote against Islam and other undesirables.

    We need a referendum now!

  3. Sudanese only? What about the rest of the Muslim unassimmalable crowd – Afghans, Pakis, Somalis etc?

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