German police arrests two people for displaying Israeli flag

German police take two people displaying Israeli flag into custody

This is the second time this happened:

Police took two men into custody because they refused to cease their peaceful expression of solidarity with Israel by displaying an Israeli flag. (Original in German)

This is what happened the first time:

“The police acquiesced in the demand of the mob.” German police aids Jew-hating Muslim mob, removes Israeli flag from window:  as you can see from the video, the mob applauded, cheered, and shouted “Allahu akbar” when the flag disappeared.

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  1. The Greens and their allies against Israel:

    Bob Brown told to rein in anti-Israel senator Lee Rhiannon

    [“Months before the election we needed to explain why the Greens backed BDS and we needed to work closer with our allies on BDS – academics, the Arab community and social justice movements in Sydney and Melbourne,” Ms Rhiannon was quoted as saying.]

    1. ” social justice movements”- Marxist Commie blockheads.

      The same old ‘better red than dead” baboons who would turn this country into another North Korea!

  2. I lived in Germany for six years in the 60’s and in my opinion the Germans, given half the chance, would have Hitler back tomorrow. Remember the joke “when the wall come down and Germany reunified some prominent Germans thought they needed a strong Leader to help. They found Hitler hiding in South America and begged him’ Adolph please come back Germany needs you’ Adolph replied ‘OK but just one condition this time no more Mr Nice Guy'”

  3. I also never met a German who admitted he fought the West they all said the fought the Russians. I used to think this was a joke until I learned my history and found out it was TRUE. The Russians defeated the German Army us and the Americans just fought the guys on R and R from the eastern front.

  4. “I lived in Germany for six years in the 60’s”

    So did I.

    Today’s generation is different. What we now see are single mothers sons, spoilt brats, feminized, ‘sensitive’ indoctrinated creatures who are very confused….. For the most part, they don’t even want to be Germans. They are wannabe Europeans…….

  5. Sheik has it more correct – and I have been in Germany for a while. Pragmatist, while one should respect the many of achievements of the Wermacht the situation in WW2 about who beat whom and how is a little more complex.

  6. * turn this country into another North Korea!

    They’re working on it.

  7. kaw how complex can it be?? The Eastern Front had over 80% of the German army and all its Allies such as Hungary and Romania fighting there. The Western front when it eventually formed in 1944 had not even a million men. Most of the Luftwaffe was there in the East too with virtually ALL their ground attack aircraft and and bombers . I know the Yanks just love to imagine they alone defeated Germany but it just was not so . The didn’t do it as “Johny come lately’s in 1917′ in WW1 where the British and French lost more men in ONE DAY on the Somme than the Yanks did in the whole war, nor did they do so in WWII a war that they only joined because Germany declared war on THEM. The Yanks were too busy sitting on the fence selling to both sides and counting all their money in both WWI and WWII.

  8. What very few people know is that 2 of the arresting policemen were MUSLIMS !!! This makes it a racist act against the Jewish people !!! How long before a new Holocaust takes place ? Are we lemmings or freedomfighters ??? Are we going to the gass chambers out of our free will, or do we eradicate muslim filth, for the sake of our children and grandchildren ???

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