Glenn Beck – April 7th, 2011

Pamela Geller: Beck Bolts Fox

Was it “I stand with Israel?” Was it his expose on the Muslim Brotherhood? Or does Glenn Beck want to be Roger Ailes? The media is saying that Beck’s ratings have tanked or advertisers have bolted, but this is not so. Beck’s numbers are strong, very strong. He holds at two million easy, beating Shlep, Brett, and at times, Hannity.

There is more at work here.

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm theory is something Glenn has been studying and talking about now for several years now. It is a theory that the world will one day have so many pressures on it at the same time, that the result could be a catastrophic global collapse. Today, ABC’s Good Morning America once again attacked Glenn for being “Mr. Gloom and Doom”. But, just how many times has Glenn already been right about this kind of stuff? And what happens if he is once again right this time? Will you be ready? Don’t miss tomorrow’s special “In Defense of Israel”, as Pastor John Hagee will be joining Glenn.


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  1. Thank goodness Beck is gone. He exhausted that crazy schtick out.

    But I’m sure he’ll pop up somewhere else.

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