Green Lies From a Red Ratbag

Rhiannon’s lies resemble Al Hilaly’s taqiya

Ms. Rhiannon should take taqiya lessons from Tariq Ramadan or at least Waleed Aly because her own attempts are as thick as Sheikh Taj Al Hilali’s.

Both are not very good at it but they keep denying the fact that they are liars even when caught red handed.

When asked by The Australian if she had spoken alongside Sheik Hilali at the first rally, Ms Rhiannon said:

“I did not appear with Sheik Hilali as you state.I did not see him or hear him speak. I was not aware that he was at the rally. I reject The Australian’s attempt to associate me with controversial views held by Sheik Hilali.”  (Islam Monitor)

Andrew Bolt wonders:

Did Rhiannon really not hear Hilali’s hate-chant?

Here is Hilali at that June 1 rally, fomenting hate of Israel with his chant “Down, down Israel”:

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