Lampedusa Burning

The Koranimals have come “to claim their rights:” the freedom to rob, freedom to rape, freedom to force Islam down your throat:

Human rights you say? What about the human rights of the natives who will have to deal with the aggression, supremacy, rampant theft and rape of mohammadan immigrants?

Barenaked presents:

Tunisian Muslim rifraff rioted Monday on the Italian island of Lampedusa in a protest against their imminent deportation under a controversial deal struck between Rome and Tunis last week.  (DEPORTATION? Exellent!)

ITALY: Muslim illegals set ANOTHER building on fire on Lampedusa Island

FRANCE 24 –“Freedom! Freedom!” shouted some of the migrants at a compound in which hundreds are being held. (What they mean is “Free handouts. Free handouts.”) Some of them started a small fire at the centre which was quickly put out by the fire brigade, and dozens fled the enclosure. Several of the escapees later returned to the immigrant detention centre.

Lampedusa measures just 20 square kilometres (7.7 square miles) and is closer to north Africa than to mainland Italy. More than 25,000 migrants have arrived in fishing boats from north Africa since the start of the year and most have been moved to detention centres on the Italian mainland.

Passing the buck: Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Sunday said 80 percent of the more than 21,000 Tunisian migrants who have arrived since the start of the year wanted to join friends and relatives in France, Tunisia’s former colonial ruler. (Good, send them to France)

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7 thoughts on “Lampedusa Burning”

  1. Attention:

    The condition of Daniel Viflic, 16, who was wounded when Gaza terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at a school bus has deteriorated badly. So send your prayers to him and his family.

    I hold all palis responsible.

  2. @dagawker:
    I have been looking at all the pictures since this started and to date not seen any females. However, I do believe that the person at the bottom right hand corner (wearing a light blue hat) might possibly be a women – pretending to be a man?

    I do no that – were I to find myself in such company – I would certainly dress and act as a male – much safer.

    However, I suspect you are correct – the women remain locked up in the homes while the men rush to claim the jiza.

  3. @gsw,I am only questioning the absence of Women and Children? Are they the brave ones defending their homelands while the males flee the tyranny?

  4. EU to Tunisia
    – Here’s the deal
    You take back your 23 000 “refugees”
    We offer you 140 million EUR, and you keep your migrants under control

  5. A certain Tarek recently told about his journey in an overloaded boat to Lampedusa, that they had to get rid of 12 girls, since the boat was only registered for 60.

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