Hamas Yammers For Hudna After 'Backlash'

Hey, you Jooozz: stop shooting at us! Can’t you see that we need a bit of time to regroup and reload?

About time:

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu party  has called on the government to carry out an “all-out war on Hamas.”

That’s where Obama comes in:

Arab League seeks free-fire zone for Gaza’s jihadists, calling for U.N. to impose “no-fly zone” over territory

The Arab League knows the jihadists would stand to gain on every possible outcome from such a measure, if it succeeded in passing. On the most basic level, they would have a free-fire zone from Gaza into Israel. They would score propaganda points if Israel chose to defy the ban in order to exercise its right to defend itself. They would scream “occupation!” at the top of their lungs if Israel opted for a ground incursion, claiming casus belli for “defensive jihad,” which is ultimately a jihad waiting for an excuse.

They could thus potentially draw Israel into a broader conflict not only with Hamas and Hizballah, but neighboring countries, for which the deck is substantially stacked more against the Jewish state as Islamic parties are vying for power across the region. Above all, the Arab League would love to see Israel forced to choose between entering into an armed conflict with United Nations forces enforcing the no-fly zone, or having its hands tied, at the mercy of neighbors intent on destroying it.

“Arab League plans to ask UN to impose no-fly zone over Gaza,” from the Jerusalem Post, April 10

Savage missile blitz from Gaza sends a million Israelis to shelters

Before dawn Saturday, April 9, Hamas inflicted its heaviest missile blitz yet on southern Israel. – acting now on guidelines from the Lebanese Hizballah. More than a dozen heavy Grad missiles were aimed at seven Israeli cities injuring 10 civilians. One exploded in the sand dunes of Palmahim, aimed at Israel’s nuclear research reactor at Nahal Soreq, More missiles landed south of Kiryat Gat, Ofakim, Beersheba and Ashkelon. Sirens sent people running for cover in Gedera and Gan Yavneh. The two Iron Dome systems deployed last week intercepted six of the Grad missiles fired at Beersheba, Ashkelon and Ashdod. The IDF responded by targeting three senior Hamas commanders in an air strike in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younes.
debkafile reported Friday night, April 8:  More than 60 Hamas and Jihad Islami mortar shells and missiles hit Israeli towns, villages and farms on the Israeli side of the Gaza border Friday April 8 and injured a civilian. This heightened Israeli fury over Hamas’s attack on a school bus Thursday, April 7, using a sophisticated Cornet anti-tank missile for the first time. A 16-year old boy was critically wounded. This attack was followed by 50 Palestinian rockets and mortar rounds, a blitz which had not abated by Friday night despite constant Israeli counteraction. (Source)

Note the victimization of the terrorist savages by the enemedia:

Hamas pleads with Israel for end to cross-border rocket attacks

Informal ceasefire between Israel, Hamas

Palestinians carry the bodies of Hamas militants killed on Thursday's attack, during a funeral in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, April 8, 2011. - Palestinians carry the bodies of Hamas militants killed on Thursday's attack, during a funeral in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, April 8, 2011. | Hatem Moussa/AP

Israel and Hamas have brought a tentative end to several days of violent exchanges, the highest level of conflict between the parties since Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza more than two years ago.

To Hamas the surge in fighting dates back to five days earlier when a single Israeli missile struck a car carrying a senior Hamas militant and two colleagues, killing all three. The men, Israel said, were planning to kidnap Israeli tourists in Sinai during the upcoming Passover holiday. (source)


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  1. I would love to see Israel declare war on the Hamas M…FKRS, and destroy those subhuman Creatures once and for all. Show no mercy just as Hamas has shown none toward the besieged Israelis.
    God Bless Israel!

  2. It’s coming close to the end of days for Muslims and any nation that goes up against Israel.
    All nations, with the help of Leftist media, are turning against her just as the prophets of old predicted.
    Biblical prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

  3. Israeli foreign minister: “There was quiet, and Hamas took advantage of the quiet in order to smuggle more and more weapons. We remember when Kassams only had a range of 20 km”

    Exactly. That is what the hudna is all about in Islamic law. Always temporary, it is a chance to regroup, to arm, and if the other side goes along with it, a chance to dictate the terms of the progress of the jihad to the Muslim side’s benefit. In Gaza, we have seen all of the above in action.

    “Lieberman: Gaza ceasefire is not in Israel’s interests,” from the Jerusalem Post, April 11:

    Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman spoke out against a ceasefire with Hamas on Monday morning, following renewed violence emanating from the Gaza Strip in the past four days.
    In an interview with Israel Radio, he said, “Hamas is fighting a war of attrition against us. We won’t come to terms with a situation in which they decide when there’s quiet and when the area heats up.”
    Lieberman added that a ceasefire with Hamas is against Israel’s national interests. He said he is working to implement the coalition agreement, which says that the government will work towards overthrowing Hamas.
    “We are going to do what was agreed upon. We know how to get what was in the agreement and what we signed with Likud, without threats and and without crises,” he said on Israel Radio, adding that he is not interested in leaving the coalition.
    “There was quiet, and Hamas took advantage of the quiet in order to smuggle more and more weapons. We remember when Kassams only had a range of 20 k.m.; today they reach Beersheba and Ashdod and in the end they’ll reach Tel Aviv,” Lieberman explained.
    The foreign minister went on to say that Hamas has exploited the two years of relative calm since 2008-9’s Operation Cast Lead to rearm and organize. “Hamas took advantage of the quiet in order to gain power and turn a gang of terrorists into an organized army,” Lieberman said, warning that with “another [military] battalion and another company and they will truly follow Hezbollah’s model.”
    National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau, also of Israel Beiteinu, echoed Lieberman’s calls to use force in order to deter Hamas, saying that “We should have finished the job during Operation Cast Lead.”
    Landau opined that the IDF needs to play on Hamas’s fear of losing power and influence amongst the Palestinian population. “If we really want to deter Hamas, we must exploit their fear of losing control in the strip,” Landau said. He added, “our targets need to be their leaders.”


    I love honest Muslims:

    No kidding: Islamic Jihad spokesman says Gaza truce “in our eyes means nothing”
    Captain Obvious joins the jihad. “”Truce means nothing to us,” Islamic Jihad threatens,” from Kuwait News Agency, April 11
    (thanks to JW):

    GAZA, April 11 (KUNA) — The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement warned Israel on Monday that it would retaliate for any offensive that might be waged on Gaza Strip.
    They must not need to reload just now:

    The group has not pleaded for a cease-fire “from any party and will not request that from any body,” the group spokesman in Gaza Daoud Shehab said in a statement. “If the war is dictated on us, we will fight and we have nothing to fear or cry for,” he added.
    “The truce in our eyes means nothing, we do not trust the occupation or their pledges. What we are concerned about is the field condition. If there is calm, it will be appreciated but if an aggression is waged against our people, nothing will deter us from retaliating,” he warned.
    Tell Hamas to lay off the school buses. That might help.

    The Jihad warning coincided with reports that an informal truce has been mediated to muzzle the guns of the warring sides in the occupied territories,

  4. * Biblical prophecy is about to be fulfilled.


    Speech to the Flemish Parliament
    by Professor Hillel Weiss

    [The various freedom-loving parties of Europe have rallied to rescue the West from the Islamic take-over of the continent by sword, a continent which in the past was threatened by barbarian invasions which were stopped in Spain and in Vienna. Today without the arrival of military force, conquest and occupation are taking place by means of the millions of immigrants whose actions make clear their ambition to impose the rule of Islam as a religion and as a political culture – on all of the countries of Europe by force, and not just by gradually changing the religion and culture.]

    [Islam draws its strength from its dream of establishing a universal caliphate whose capital is Jerusalem. In doing this and in occupying Jerusalem, they strive to prove that the covenant between God and His people Israel – the Jewish people – has been cancelled. The Moslems are not the first people in history to express the idea that the God of Israel has abandoned His people. But in our Torah which is the basis of our faith it is written that “God will not cast off His people nor will He forsake His heritage.”]

    [And in the Book of Joel it is written:
    “For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring back the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem,
    I will gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat; and I will enter into judgment with them there for My people and for My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and divided My land.”]

  5. “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling to all the people around, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.” (Zechariah 12:2)

    “They will fall by the edge of the sword, and will be led captive into all the nations. Jerusalem will be trampled down by the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.” (Luke 21:24)

    Islam is doomed, along with its followers, and the enablers … unless they change their minds.

  6. Shocker: Islamic Jihad doesn’t expect “truce” with Israel to last

    The hudna is never intended to last. It is a tool to attempt to give control to the jihadists over when hostilities begin and end, so that fighting occurs when the jihadists like their odds of succeeding.

    Note also that the “new” Egypt has begun direct negotiations with this jihad terrorist group. “Islamist [sic] Jihad ready for all-out war with Israel,” by Crispian Balmer and Nidal al-Mughrabi for Reuters, November 3:

    (Reuters) – The Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad, which traded deadly fire with Israel at the weekend in Gaza, does not expect a subsequent truce to last long and has at least 8,000 fighters ready for war, a spokesman said.
    Islamic Jihad is the second largest armed group in Gaza, after Hamas, which rules the tiny Mediterranean enclave. The two share a commitment to the destruction of Israel and both are classified as terrorist groups by most Western governments.
    However, while Hamas has recently spent much of its energy on the business of government, Islamic Jihad has kept its focus firmly on the conflict, gaining in prominence and enjoying significant backing from Muslim supporters, including Iran.
    “We are proud and honored to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran gives us support and help,” Abu Ahmed, the spokesman for Islamic Jihad’s armed wing, the Jerusalem Brigades, told Reuters in a rare, long interview.
    He denied widespread reports that Iran had provided his group with arms and smiled at suggestions it now receives more sophisticated weaponry from Tehran than Hamas. He also declined to comment on rumors that the Jihadists were trained by Iran.
    “What I will say is that we have every right to turn to every source of power for help,” said the burly, bearded Abu Ahmed, occasionally flicking a string of yellow prayer beads.

    Islamic Jihad’s latest confrontation with Israel left 12 Palestinian gunmen and one Israeli civilian dead. The fighting ended only after neighboring Egypt brokered a ceasefire with both parties, but Abu Ahmed did not see it lasting long.
    “Theoretically the calm has been restored, but in practice it hasn’t really,” he said. Israel, he said, is itching for a fight in Gaza following last month’s prisoner-swap accord, in which Israel released 477 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier held by Hamas since 2006.
    Israel says it attacks only in self-defense.
    It killed five senior Islamic Jihad militants on Saturday in retaliation for a rocket attack two days earlier that it blamed on the group. That rocket caused no casualties, but landed deep enough into Israel to set off sirens on Tel Aviv’s outskirts.
    Abu Ahmed denied responsibility for the missile, saying this was how Israel had managed to find five top fighters together in the open — because they had not expected to be targeted.
    But the Jerusalem Brigades soon hit back, firing numerous rockets into southern Israel, piercing the country’s defensive missile shield. One Israeli man died, at least four others were injured, while cars and a building were also set ablaze.
    Abu Ahmed isn’t likely to call them the “Jerusalem” brigades.

    The group posted a video online showing a missile-launcher on the back of a truck firing a salvo of rockets. It was the first time the group has claimed to have such firepower, although there was no independent confirmation of its use.
    “The Jerusalem Brigades really surprised Israel, forcing them to rethink their assessment of us … I don’t think they realized we had that weaponry,” said Abu Ahmed, indicating the vehicle was immediately hidden underground after the attack.
    Jerusalem Brigades cells are dotted around Gaza and Abu Ahmed said there was huge demand from youngsters to join.
    “We take some, but can’t accept everyone … It is a question of quality, not quantity,” he said, giving for the first time an estimate of the strength of the force. “We have at least 8,000 fighters, who are fully equipped.”
    A boost from the “new” Egypt:

    The group got a boost to its standing in August when the new rulers in Egypt started dealing with it directly over truces, rather than through Hamas. Abu Ahmed said Hamas was not involved in the latest fighting and that all the talking was with Egypt….


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