Its not genocide when Arabs kill each other

Syrian soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters

(Guardian) Witnesses claim soldiers who disobeyed orders in Banias were shot by security services as crackdown on protests intensifies

Syrian forces storm Sunni town after a protest, 200 killed

If Israel had taken out 200 Ham-asses the whole would scream ‘genocide’ and ‘disproportionate response’. The UN would condemn Israel and Obama would  call for ‘kinetic actions’, smash his telepromter in anger, and “the duty to protect” would force him to bomb Israel. However, the Pal-Arabs are not exactly what you would call endangered species: they have multiplied by a factor of seven since the so-called ‘Nakhba’ and among themselves the yuman rites circus doesn’t come into play….. what we’re seeing in Syria is just the way Arabs do things.

(eye on the world)

The Arab League is seemingly unconcerned about civilian casualties.

AMMAN (Reuters) – Syrian security forces stormed a town near the city of Banias on Tuesday, activists said, in a further move to quell unrest that has spread across the country, challenging the rule of President Bashar al-Assad.

Assad has faced down the mass protests, now in their fourth week, with force, pledges for reform and attempts to appease minority Kurds and conservative Sunnis. But the unprecedented calls for more freedoms have yet to abate. […]

Syria’s main human rights movement said the death toll from pro-democracy protests reached 200 and urged the Arab League to impose sanctions on the ruling hierarchy.

Syria is the latest Arab country shaken by mass uprisings against authoritarian rulers, but the scale of protests have not yet reached levels seen in Tunisia and Egypt where leaders were ultimately overthrown. Central Damascus and Aleppo, Syria’s second city, have not witnessed mass demonstrations.