Muslims Demand Freedom to Impose Sharia on America

Muslims Demostrate at Tennessee Capitol In Support of Sharia (Islamic Law) and Terror Funding

Here on this site we have always maintained that freedom for Muslims means forcing all of us under  Islamic ‘law’- the sharia.

Muslims rally at Tennessee Capitol to protest legislation The Tennessean, April 20 (hat tip Atlas Shrugs)

Several hundred Muslims thronged the state Capitol on Tuesday in protest of legislation that they say takes aim at their religious beliefs, calling on the bill to be defeated.


Muslims from across the state — many wearing traditional skullcaps and headscarves — packed a committee room and corridors to hear testimony on a bill that supporters say would help Tennessee stop terrorist plots but opponents believe singles out Muslims who adhere to Islamic law.

They urged lawmakers to withdraw the bill, or at least to delay it until it can be rewritten so that groups labeled as terrorist organizations can protest the designation before they are forced to shut down.

“These are issues for any group,” said Nadeem Siddiqi, a native Knoxville resident who traveled to Nashville to speak against the bill. “The United States of America is known for its freedoms, known for due process, known for a fair system, and to be able to have a few individuals in a state of panic create this kind of risk to civil society is just inappropriate.”

Incredible they can equate American freedom with the brutal oppression of sharia.

The gathering, which was put together by mosques and Muslim civic groups around the state, comes in response to legislation that originally criticized Shariah, the basic set of Muslim religious laws governing everything from warfare and criminal punishments to prayer preparations and family matters.

The first version of the bill, which was written by an Arizona organization critical of Islam, labeled Shariah “a legal-political-military doctrine and system” that requires its followers to support the overthrow of the United States government. Several Muslims who turned out Tuesday said that is a distortion.

“People have this idea that Shariah is just chopping people’s hands, but Shariah is a way of life for us,” said Arshia Shah, a lawyer originally from Britain who now lives in Sparta and came to the Capitol with her husband and two daughters. “It’s prayer. It’s how we deal with our spouses. And to tell people that they can’t practice this — that they’re doing something wrong — is a great concern.”

The bill has since been amended to remove all references to Shariah and Islam.

What is left is legislation, known formally as the Material Support to Designated Entities Act, that would let the governor and the state attorney general label groups as terrorist organizations.

Once designated, a group’s financial assets could be frozen and its contributors could face criminal penalties.

The bill’s sponsors, House Speaker Pro Tempore Judd Matheny, R-Tullahoma, and state Sen. Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro, say the bill gives Tennessee law enforcement agencies the ability to disrupt terrorist plots. They also say it could be used to disrupt street gangs and neo-Nazi groups, as well as terrorist organizations.

“I think it’s a good bill,” Ketron said. “They say it’s duplicative because it mirrors the Patriot Act on the federal level, but local law enforcement see and hear what’s going on locally.”

Large turnout

Muslim organizations have been opposed to the legislation from the outset, but Tuesday was the first time they turned out in large numbers, drawing a crowd that rivaled those brought to the Capitol by labor and teachers organizations earlier this session.

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8 thoughts on “Muslims Demand Freedom to Impose Sharia on America”

  1. The fact that they were there decked out in their oppressive ugly clothing proves they want us to submit…proves that there are no moderate muslims…if there were moderates, they wouldn’t want sharia either. May piss be upon them.

  2. A way of life muslim shit?? You immigrated to the US – that is your new way of life. If you cannot follow the rules then leave.

  3. In a sense, their fear is legitimate. Without sharia, they really won’t know how to live or what to do. They’ve been brain-washed for 1,400 years and basically, really are stupid, helpless, emotionally and intellectually retarded children.
    Now, ask me if I care.
    Time to join the current century, Mo. Take your Dark Ages BS and burn it.
    No sharia here … ever … to any degree … period.

  4. Identification + Internment + Repatriation to whatever Islamic Utopia they , their parents or grand parents RAN AWAY from is the ONLY to restore PEACE and security within the West.

    How many Nazi Parades took place in New York (America) during WW2 in the name of Multicultural / all Religions / beliefs are equal /Tolerance BS ?

  5. Missouri House votes to ban Sharia

    A vote for freedom. Nonetheless, watch for the utterly predictable cries of victimization, and misrepresentation of Sharia as private religious law that entails no conflict whatsoever with Constitutional principles. Yet Hamas-linked CAIR and others who claim this can point to no Sharia state in the history of the world that did not implement Islamic law as a political system that involved restrictions on the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience and denial of basic rights to women and non-Muslims.

    “Missouri House votes to ban Sharia law,” by Jason Hancock for the Post-Dispatch, April 20:

    JEFFERSON CITY • A bill prohibiting state courts from using or recognizing Sharia law passed the Missouri House Wednesday on a 102-51 vote.
    The legislation, which was sponsored by state Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific, bans Missouri courts from utilizing foreign law or legal code in any ruling. Although it never specifically mentions the words “Sharia” or “Islam,” Wednesday’s debate focused almost exclusively on Sharia law, which is the religious law of Islam.

    “This bill is not all about Sharia Law,” Curtman said. “It’s Sharia Law, French law, Dutch law or anything else.”

    Since the beginning of 2009, numerous states have considered proposals to ban Sharia. During last year’s elections, Oklahoma voters passed a referendum banning state courts from considering international or Islamic law. However, it was later blocked by a federal judge who said that the law was unconstitutional.

    Legislation similar to Curtman’s was introduced in the Missouri Senate by Republican Brian Nieves but has yet to gain traction. The House bill picked up momentum earlier this session when House Speaker Steve Tilley threw his support behind it, saying “the laws of this country should trump any other laws regarding the citizens of our country within our borders.”

    Speaking in opposition to the measure, State Rep. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, said she’d like to help educate Curtman on Sharia law.

    “I truly believe you think you’re doing the right thing,” she said while talking to Curtman on the House floor, later adding: “I don’t think that you have ill intentions, so I would encourage you to become familiar with Sharia Law. I’d really like to sit down with you and we can study together and come to a better understanding of what Sharia Law is, how it works and what it does.”…

    I’m all for that.

  6. mr yermami are you christian? if yes, would you debate a muslim? cause i love to see that. but the sadest thing i’ve heard is that you consor them. ist true? cause that would be democratic of you, and it make them beleive that your weak.

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