Ozylum Racket

Another riot, again by the allegedboys” claiming to be under 18:

TEENAGE asylum seekers smashed windows and threatened guards during a rampage at Broadmeadows Detention Centre over the Easter weekend.

Will the left change their attitude once they throw the used condoms and their feces at our social workers and the armies of Yuman Rites activists?

Andrew Bolt

Labor sneaks in the temporary visas for some boat people it once called “inhumane”

How desperate is the Gillard Government , with its boat people “policy” an utter debacle? Desperate enough to pass retrospective laws and to reinstate a limited form of the Howard-style Temporary Protection Visas it so stupidly abolished, claiming they were “inhumane”:

ANY asylum seeker convicted of a crime while in detention will fail the government’s character test and almost certainly be deported.

Changes to immigration laws will make it easier to send criminals back to their country of origin or, at least, prevent them applying for permanent protection visas.

But first, why should we infidels offer ‘protection’ to Muslims?  What are these people fleeing? It surely isn’t Islam. Or is it?


First, the retrospective laws:

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said that if the laws were passed they would come into force from today and cover any troublemakers convicted over acts of violence and riots at Broadmeadows, Villawood and Christmas Island.

And the reason for the panic:

As protests continued at four detention centres around the country yesterday…

These very belated changes involve quietly bringing back a form of the TPVs, under which boat people were allowed to stay only while their countries were still too dangerous to return to:

Under the Migration Act, Mr Bowen already has the power to refuse visas, but it is easy for him to do so only where a person has a substantial criminal record, or where someone has been sentenced to jail for a year or more.

The changes will mean that, if a convicted criminal faces persecution in their own country, they will most probably be granted only a provisional visa, which does not permit refugees to bring their families to Australia.

Once the threat in their home country is over, they can be sent back.

This “provisional visa” will operate in precisely the same way as did the Temporary Protection Visas which the Howard Government introduced and which Gillard Government Immigation Minister Chris Bowen once damned:

The same can be said about Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) – they were inhumane, unfair and ineffective.  We moved quickly to abolish TPVs on taking government.

Will the Greens now back what they two years ago condemned?

Temporary Protection Visas should remain buried as a cruel relic of the former Howard regime,” said Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. .. “Temporary Protection Visas left genuine refugees living in limbo and fear, while attempting to build a new life after fleeing torture and persecution.”

This leaves a burning question: if Labor now accepts the principle of the TPVs, why not bring them back for all boat people?

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  1. Another African diversity celebration last night, this time in Braybrook:


    Braybrook brawl might be linked to Clayton beauty pageant troubles

    Supt Hendrickson said he was confident the brawl was not gang-related.

    * It never is. Nothing to see here.

    He said the Braybrook event was an after party for a beauty pageant, but he could not say for sure it was related to the same pageant that was being celebrated in Clayton.

    “It’s an after party from a Sudanese beauty pageant but I don’t know when that (the pageant) occurred.’‘

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