Puff Ho Discovers Public Flogging (Sharia) in Indonesia

Indonesian Woman, Caned In Public For Adultery

A 34-year-old Indonesian woman was caned in front of a mosque after being caught having extramarital affairs while divorcing her husband.

Irdayanti Mukhtar received nine lashes of the cane for committing adultery before 200 jeering onlookers outside the Al Munawwarah Mosque in Jantho, Indonesia, the Jakarta Globe is reporting.

Mystics, yogis, kabbalists, sufis & imam Rauf to the rescue!

Here are some of the most informed  comments from the kidz:


I recently read that a fundie Xtian in the USA is calling for Biblical style punishments nowadays, including stoning, I believe. Guess we are just a short hop away from the barbarians in the Middle East. Nothing to be proud of. Raw human savagery lies very close to the surface for most of us I guess.


Frankly, I’d rather have the tar caned out of me than spend 72 hours in ANY American “correctional facility”.


Religion IS the problem.


All religions are evil


Do you know ANYTHING about the history of Christianity?
Obviously not.

Doug Sandlin- HUFFPOST SUPER USER   (a real huggie if I ever seen one)

“politician s stated that the laws are rooted in Sharia law, but many Muslim scholars argue that the laws are a misinterpretation of the hadith. ”

Thanks for this.


As you know, many people mistakenly believe that those types of punishments *are* Sharia law. Thanks for the clarification.

Not to mention Muslim Sufis.

Like the poet Rumi.

Like musician / peace activist / filmmaker Salman Ahmad — the biggest rock star in the Muslim world (30 Million albums and counting).

Praising Allah in a way you may not have seen before

On ending extremism in Pakistan

Also, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Supporting Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion

… and that’s just two examples.

The mystics, yogis, kabbalists, sufis, etc. associated with the world’s religions (and every religion has them), as well as the vast majority of their mainstream counterparts, are at best, actively interested in and/or working toward peace — and, at worst, just regular people living their lives.

It’s the extremists, and ultra-closed-minded dogmatists that give all religions a bad name — and because they’re deemed newsworthy, people who don’t know anything about a given religion (Islam, for instance) can get the wrong impression about the religion, over all, especially if news, and people speaking against the religion by citing examples that only apply to its extremists, are their only source of information.

My head hurts. I guess that’s enough Puff Ho for a while…..

4 thoughts on “Puff Ho Discovers Public Flogging (Sharia) in Indonesia”

  1. No matter how many millions of examples on how islam works these people get thrust right in their faces, they’ll still not believe it. No point in trying to change them. They’ll have their (short) epiphany as the scimitar slices through their neck.

  2. Cecilie, I hope you’re wrong and that more will begin to see BEFORE it’s too late. Here there is a growing number who are spreading the word and using numerous examples from other countries to show what is happening so as to hopefully prevent us (US) from making the same mistakes. Many states are enacting/creating laws preventing sharia from being considered in any court case and surprisingly(not) the muslims are protesting it. How shameful that we didn’t deport every one after 9/11 but our bleeding heart liberals thought (and still do) that it was only a “few extremists”. They think if you pet and appease a venomous snake it won’t bite you. But many of us know you must remove (one way or another) that snake or it endangers us all. Please pray for us in our quest for the safety and future of our country.

  3. I don’t believe in prayer, but action. All I can do where I am, is write and write, and talk to people. OK, so maybe not *everyone* calls me racist anymore, and there are some people who secretly agree with me (of course secretly as they would never risk the harm of the oppressor who isn’t even *here* yet.

    But for every good news – Switzerland not building more minarets, Switzerland not giving dole to professional muzzie-spongers – there are so, so many bad. And that bad news seems to be all about new anti-freedom, pro islamo-enemy laws passed, more islamofascists entrenched in governments, more money poured into the pockets of our enemies. But I am OF COURSE never giving up.

    I stockpiled a can of soup last week!

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