Saracens Solicitors Threaten Litigation Jihad Against Winds of Jihad

Looks like Radical Headbanger Yahya Ibrahim is mighty peeved with being exposed on WoJ and elsewhere:

Your NameSaracens Solicitors
MessageDear Sirs

Re: Defamatory Article published by The Sunday Telegraph and posted by Sheikhyermami on 21 March 2011
Our Client: Mr. Yahya Adel Ibrahim

We act for Mr. Yahya Adel Ibrahim in this matter. Please address all future correspondence in this matter directly to us at the above e-mail address.

We note that you have published on your website (whether in full or extracts of) a defamatory article (‘the Article’) originally published by The Sunday Telegraph on it’s website on 23rd January 2010 and in the print edition on 24th January 2010.

You may be aware that repetition of defamatory material is no defence to defamation and liability cannot be evaded on this ground (Cookson v Harewood [1932] 2 KB 478).

Our client has issued a press release in respect of the defamatory Article which we can e-mail to you on provision of a valid e-mail address.

We look forward to receiving confirmation that the defamatory Article has been removed from your website.

We hereby put you on notice that, should you fail to remove the defamatory Article from your website within the next 14 days, we are instructed to issue proceedings against you, the costs of which we will seek to recover from you.

Yours faithfully

Saracens Solicitors

27 thoughts on “Saracens Solicitors Threaten Litigation Jihad Against Winds of Jihad”

  1. Britain has basically rolled over and died – Labor wounded it, the Conservatives are apparently delivering the coup de grace:

    Rich Pakistanis planning to run to UK with their money

    Murtaza Ali Shah
    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    [LONDON: Affluent Pakistanis are taking keen interest in migrating to Britain under an upcoming scheme designed to attract the rich and mighty from around the world.

    The News can disclose that dozens of multi-millionaire Pakistanis have contacted – and even hired in some cases – leading immigration solicitors in London to prepare their cases for immigration on “super-fast track” once the relevant laws were implemented.]

    [Fraz Butt of Saracens Solicitors, Marble Arch, London told The News: “Our Pakistani clients are showing substantial interest in migrating to Britain through the investment route as a consequence of the incentives on offer and the fast tracked timetable. Our Pakistani and Middle Eastern clients seek security for their investments and a stable environment for their children, which regrettably is not currently on offer in Pakistan. We are now servicing these clients and in turn assisting the government with its plans to enhance the austerity plans. It is truly a unique opportunity.” ]

    * No “stable environment” in Pakistan, but I guess Britain will do, as long as the natives are kept in dhimmitude & prevented from resisting.

  2. Looks like he’s forgotten that the muslim definition of slander, which is anything you don’t want said of you regardless of veracity, is not the same as the civilised worlds definition where truth has a say in the matter.

  3. Congratulations! This means you are being effective! Keep up the good work!

  4. The article was not withdrawn by the telegraph – so there is is no need to withdraw it here. Time to start checking out these muslim lawyers who abuse our legal system – the ball is in motion.

    If the telegraph take the article off-line then remove it – if not the muslims can screw themselves. hmaka is now under investigation.

  5. Please note that they ask for correspondence via email only. This is not what a real law firm would do and is also against the law.

  6. Okay legal folks – time to start giving the sheik a hand and time to screw this muslim cretin with the ax it is welding. Live by the sword then die by it.


    Sunday Telegraph sued over ‘extremist’ claim
    16 March 2011
    By Sarah Limbrick

    [An Islamic preacher is demanding libel damages of up to £100,000 over a Sunday Telegraph story.

    Yahya Ibrahim launched an action for defamation claiming the story suggested he was a proponent of terror who holds offensive, violently extreme and anti-Semitic beliefs.

    The story, headed “Hardline cleric banned in the US will preach to British universities” ran in the paper and online in January last year.]

  8. Infidel Task Force

    Address questions of relevance to a possible defence against the head banger privately to the Sheik via email. The head banger scum is reading this.

  9. Wow reading this the first thing that came to mind, “Silence I keeeeeeel you”.

  10. Louisiana passed a law against sharia and against foreign laws to prevent ‘tourist litigation’ such as this. Maybe other states have too by now.

  11. Must be pretty stupid lawyers if they think they can sue a private citizen of a sovereign country. Perhaps they seek your payment of the jizya, Sheik. Regardless, wear the threats of legal jihad as a badge of honor and thanks for taken another Islamic bullet for all of us.

  12. fyi

    Saracens Solicitors
    UK Limited Company, (Company number: SC313414)
    Chapel House
    25 Nutford Place
    W1H 5YN
    United Kingdom

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