Sharia Marriage & Divorce Per Telephone Comes to Germany….

Two Pakis got married by phone, the woman never once having met the man. A German registrar refused to recognise the legitimacy of their marriage but has now been overruled by a court. Although German law requires marriage partners to be physically present with one another when the marriage takes place, foreign laws and customs should  prevail, the judges said.

Wife beating  is old stuff, just like  judicial discounts for honor killers and murderers of German citizens. New is the oriental marriage, which will add a whole lot of secret herbs and spices to the multicultural environment that has made us so much richer.

Germans can only marry personally and in presence of both marriage partners according to German law.

But that’s only for the local yokels who wear lederhosen and drink beer. Today, there are different  “customs and rights rules” (a.k.a. sharia)

So, if the  marriage contract is drawn up according to sharia, Islamic law, who could possibly object?

A registrar of births, marriages and deaths in Germany, who refused to witness a marriage contract over the telephone,  had to be properly instructed by the progressive judges of the  Landgericht (court) in Zweibrücken:

“The only thing relevant is whether the foreign law permits this form of marriage ceremony – the sharia  therefore overrides  German law”

Contact to the Oberlandesgericht Zweibrücken: (write them a letter, but please be polite)

In German:

Zwar kann nach deutschem Recht eine Ehe nur persönlich und in Anwesenheit beider Ehepartner geschlossen werden. Aber das gilt nur für Einheimische. Auch andere “Bräuche und Rechtsregeln” (a.k.a. Scharia) werden anerkannt, wenn die Ehe nach diesen geschlossen worden ist. So musste sich ein Standesbeamter in Deutschland, der sich geweigert hatte, eine am Telefon geschlossene Ehe, zweier sich unbekannter Ehepartner für gültig zu erklären, vom Gericht in Zweibrücken belehren lassen. Entscheidend sei, ob das ausländische Recht diese Form der Eheschließung zulässt – die Scharia ist demnach im Zweifelsfall in Deutschland verbindlicher als das deutsche Recht.

» Kontakt zum Oberlandesgericht Zweibrücken:


6 thoughts on “Sharia Marriage & Divorce Per Telephone Comes to Germany….”

  1. What is it with Germany? The Chancellor pronounces multiculturalism to be dysfunctional and undesirable and then this rubbish goes on.It really is one step forward,two steps back for them.

  2. Funny, I didn’t think telephones were around when the paedophile mohammed invented his set of beliefs.

    Just more BS from the RoP?

  3. Germany is NOW throwing a woman, a humanbeing, under the bus. This country is turning barbaric. Time to cut all ties with this Muslim country and let it die to Islamic fundalmentalism and usher in a 7th. century government.

  4. hmmm…seems women aren’t the only ones walking all over the menfolk…perhaps the emasculation of men by western women is the reason menfolk in the west are so eager to acquiesce to sharia…after all we western gals put the men folk through, perhaps a little wife-beating is a fair turn about.

  5. Please note that this is not Germany, but a left wing court in Zweibrücken.

    What follows is my interpretation of events which should be interpreted as such.

    Unfortunately, Germany still has its share of deluded idiots who think that holding hands and singing solves all the problems we have today. You need to understand that these people come from a generation that has had to do little but stand upon the immense work of their parents and grand parents during reconstruction after WW2 which made Germany the industrial leader in Europe that she was in the sixties and seventies, and possibly the present time. If you have lived with a silver spoon in your mouth then you are incapable of making an effective real world decision. The thugs that formed the Red Army Faction and Bader-Meinhoff are exactly the same fools as those in this court – this court is just more subtle in the ways it attempts to destroy our societies rules.

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