Switzerland: No Dole for hijabbed Muslima

Sanity in Switzerland

A Muslima who worked as a medical assistant decided to start wearing the head-rag.

Her employer rejected her ‘religious’ attire  and  she  decided to quit  her job.

The employment office rejected her claim for the dole because the woman rejected available work.  (Lucerne News/in German)

11 thoughts on “Switzerland: No Dole for hijabbed Muslima”

  1. That’s right. If the black people aren’t willing to do the right thing by getting up and giving their seat to the white folk (with their clearly superior way of life), why even let ’em on the bus.
    (It’s called Irony – look it up in the dictionary).

  2. White Privilege: A Colloquy

    White privilege was punished soundly in Zimbabwe, and now we see the benefits this nation has reaped from punishing the privileged whites either by slaughter or mass exodus. Everyone one is now filthy rich, having confiscated the wealth created by privileged whites. They are all billionaires in Zimbabwe. A handsome payoff, indeed. And we are also seeing it now in South Africa, where that nation of musical geniuses have bestowed upon the world the one note vuvuzela…representative in its annoying and relentless buzzing, like all the oppressed of the world whining about white privilege.

  3. Tristan,
    Your “irony” is misplaced and incorrect. Muslima left because her employers would not bend to her will. So, according to you, employers should have no protection against idiotic employees who openly break contractual agreements with the employer.

    1. One could get the impression that Currie has a big chip on his shoulders.

      So what has he got to show for?

      Did your ilk invent the electric light bulb?

  4. Privelilege? please!! Is that what the small-pox infested blanket trade is called these days? Tens of thousands die for 10 cents off a gallon on gas… A nation founded by those fleeing religious persecution now persecuting religion ‘B’ instead of ‘religion A’, all the while spouting “forefather bullshit quotes” and insisting the black people line up in an orderly fashion and be vilified or not due to whether their parents came from Africa, or the middle East, or whatever most-distant land America is buggering up the ass next to keep the army oiled-up and filling the pages of history with which ever lie is most convenient to them. PLease…

  5. Just what exactly does the employer require protection from? It is Muslima who is in the dire situation. The United Nations recognises the importance of nations offering Asylum to those persecuted by life-threatening regimes. Just exactly what has America gained by its ‘privelige’ if it can’t provide some assistance to a woman who is forced into either abandoning her religion and her grip on reality, return home to be stoned to death for not having been born with a penis, or starving to death without means of support in the good ol’ U.S of A.

  6. Tristan
    You are an idiot – shut up -do some useful work instead of polluting the internet with YOUR rubbish. You have nothing useful to say, so don’t say it. Btw, if you want to see real racism in action look at how blacks treat other blacks (just one example), arabs treat non-arabs in Saudi Arabia (another example), muslims treat non-muslims )an even larger example), etc etc, but your PC glasses no doubt filter the truth from your tiny brain in case it goes into stroke. I would also suggest that your knowledge of history is less than adequate. A UN program eradicated small pox from India and Bangaldesh – it has returned thanks (as has Polio) thanks to the idiotic medical advice of the moronic muslim immans who managed to convince the idiotic muslim population that the drugs required to suppress illnesses were sterlizing agents. Take your irrelevant, anti-American rant to the bathroom and masturbate with it where no one can see you or hear you. Tristan, the US is always the first to help any country when natural disaster strikes, but then again fools like you have a singular input channel that is hard-wired to what passes for your anus which is, by anatomical misfortune, located where your mouth should be. Did you know Tristan,that traditionally the village imman in Pakistan was the village idiot who had no skills that helped a village to survive. The same is true today, but idiots like you are given these morons power.

    Apologies folks – I have no patience for twits like Tristan.

  7. No – the muslima broke a contractual agreement between employer and employee. And she made a statement which said “islam is greater than your country’s rules “, which directly broke the oath she took if she took citizenship in Switzerland and should qualify her for deportation. And since you appear to be unable to understand the key points involved there is really little point in continuing with you. As regards the UN, I come from S.E.Asia and I can tell you that the refugees are often not those that need assylum, but those with influence and money. Hpw many middle.eastern Christians are on the refugee boats – almost none – and these are the folks that need protection. BTW tritan, the country this occurred in is Switzerland, an independent nation, and not part of the US.

  8. “the refugees are often not those that need asylum, but those with influence and money”.
    BULLSHIT… the ones with money are the ones that get accepted.
    Those who need it most often miss out.

    “Ahe made a statement which said “islam is greater than your country’s rules ”
    BULLSHIT.. I suppose the Puritans, Jews & Quakers were ‘making just the same such vile statement’ by leaving home and founding your country ..

    Islam is a religion that cannot be represented by its extremes anymore than born again christian represent the views of your average American. >>

    Basically, If you bash Islam you reduce the virtue of Christianity.
    (In America, In Switzerland, in wherever)

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