The Green Nazis War Against the Jews

Its a dirty job, but if the Greens don’t help the Muslims in their obligation to kill the Jews, who will? The ‘Final Solution to the Israel problem’ is coming closer:

Greens policy in action (Andrew Bolt)

Fiona Byrne and the other NSW Greens demanding a boycott of Israeli products here should be pleased by the success of their policy in London:

The UK branch of Israeli cosmetics store, Ahava, is moving from its central London shop after years of pro-Palestinian demonstrations…

Colin George, manager of clothes shop The Loft, next door to Ahava, said: “I’m pleased Ahava is leaving. It’s brought the street down. I’ve complained to the landlords, as has everyone here. Everyone would like them to leave. I wish they had left two years ago…”

Pro-Palestinian protesters have been demonstrating fortnightly outside the shop, which opened in April 2007, for more than two years. A counter group of pro-Israeli supporters also demonstrate outside…

Last week, four demonstrators stood trial for aggravated trespass after they chained themselves to a concrete block inside the store last year.

It may help advocates of this policy – of boycotting the sale of anything made in Israel – if the guilty shops were marked appropriately for the convenience of the conscientious shopper. My friend Michael Danby believes this system of consumer education worked well in the past and could with profit be adopted by the Greens:

Over at the Tundra Tabloids, KGS  takes up Alan Dershowitz’s suggestion we should boycott Norway, and  promptly meets a defender who claims: “you’re an anti-Norwegian bigot”-

“When it comes to its record on Israel and the Jews, Norway is the worst country in the world, he said. It is on the wrong side of history, morality and democratic values.”

Other News:

When dealing with cock-suckers like this, one should always aim high: is a billion $$$ enough?

George Soros; The Responsibility to Protect act signals the end of Israel (source)

It doesn’t take much Photoshop to make George Soros, owner of the Democrat Party, look like a dead ringer for Simon Bar Sinister: (Moonbattery)

Other News:

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4 thoughts on “The Green Nazis War Against the Jews”

  1. * The ‘Final Solution to the Israel problem’ is coming closer:

    This time around, it ends at Megiddo (Revelation 16:16).

  2. * George Soros; The Responsibility to Protect act signals the end of Israel

    Prophetically, the R2P may prove to be the instrument the antichrist uses to destroy many through peace –

    “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” (Daniel 8:25)

    While it is popular to view A/C as a muslim, waging jihad against Israel with a view to destroying it, he (whoever he is) will conclude a peace treaty and later renege.

  3. * Who is with me? (Ahava Store in Covent Garden forced to close by protestors)

    The Australian “friends of palestine” are trying to do the same with the Seacret store in Adelaide …

    Adelaide Seacret Protest 12/11/2010

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