Tunisian Welfare Seekers Torch Church on Italian ‘Refugee Island’

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Media Cover Up? Tunisian Refugees Torch Church on Italian ‘Refugee Island’

So let’s get this straight, Tunisian refugees were taken in by (presumably) a Christian minister, who was then repayed by having his church set on fire?

Migrants near a burning caravan on Lampedusa Island, Italy

Sounds like the new normal to us:

Tunisian refugees have set on fire a church at Lampedusa Island, Italy. No details of this incident have yet been revealed.

For some days, the situation on the island has been very tense. Local residents became increasingly agitated were unsatisfied by the torrent of Tunisian refugees, while the latter complained of poor accommodation conditions.

The church was set on fire after the priest had accommodated 36 teenage refugees in the parish.

Amid all the romantic, hand-wringing tales of those brave ‘migrants’ (a good number of whom are, in fact, criminals, racketeers and Islamists) traversing the Mediterranean to find safe harbour in stable, proseperous Europeâ„¢ on the newswires this morning; there was this lonely little ‘gem’ – untouched by the mainstream media.

It has also been picked up by an Eastern European TV station – where the the widespread mainstream media protocol of the suppression of potentially incendiary stories regarding Muslim behaviour clearly hasn’t been implemented yet. Better send them for ‘sensitivity training’.


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  1. Surprised? Tunisian refugees burning down a church on the Italian island Lampedusa! Jihad Watch Deutschland

    Überrascht ? Tunesische Flüchtlinge brennen im italienischen Lampedusa eine Kirche nieder ! | Jihad Watch Deutschland

  2. What fools the EU countries paying room and board to the ideology or religion sworn to destroy them. It’s like handing a rope to your hangman.

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