Fareed Zakaria Identifies the Enemy: Glenn Beck!

“Birthers are Racist”

What else would you expect from the son of an imam who has been given a free ride from the enemedia?  This guy’s record is worse than Tokyo Rose or Mata Hari, but he still gets airtime. And gets paid for it!

In an interview with Jay Leno, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria dug into Glenn Beck, responding to Beck’s characterization of him–Zakaria–as an “America basher and useful idiot.”

Zakaria told Leno, “I’m an immigrant. I’m not an American by accident of birth, as Glenn Beck is. I’m an American by choice. I came to this country.”

In the same interview, Zakaria also implied that birthers are racist:

Look, I think that some of this [birtherism]–maybe there are people who feel genuinely worried about this–I think some of it is being used by politicians as a coded way to talk about race, and the fact that he’s [Obama’s] different from us, whatever that means. I think it’s a great shame. Because first of all, it’s unbecoming, it’s un-American. Secondly, look at this last census. What does it mean to be different from us? You’ve got 50 million Hispanic Americans. You’ve got a country that is increasingly a mixture of minorities. Look at us, we all have funny last names.


6 thoughts on “Fareed Zakaria Identifies the Enemy: Glenn Beck!”

  1. Its not his pigmentation thats the problem Zakaria its his POLICIES

    Its not because he Black (well half white with a bit of Black and a lot of ARAB really, he just looks Black) no its because he is RED.

    He says ‘I have ALWAYS been a Christian” but even HE admits to taking Koranic Studies when he was at school in Indonesia a subject ONLY Muslims are allowed to take that makes him a BLATANT BARE FACED LIAR. Oh and by the way at the time Obambi or rather Barry Soetero attended Indonesian State school you had to be an Indonesian CITIZEN to do so. So along with all his OTHER hidden documents where is the name change and Indonesian to American citizenship documentation. Or does asking awkward questions like that just make me a RACIST well OK if you say so I am a RACIST there feel better Zak?
    We are not ‘Birthers’ we are “DOCUMENTRERS” we want to see ALL the documents the Blatant Liar is hiding.

  2. He is an INVADER by choice! As the son of an imam he is no doubt well schooled in taqqiya and kitman, lying to advance islam. He and his co-cultists are like the sleeper invaders, lying low, pretending they are normal, but all the time working for the overthrow of the West.

  3. Zakaria………member of the Bilderberg Group (google)……guess who is a member also……….George Soros. Got the idea now! Case closed.

  4. I’d like to leave more comments but ole’ Zak isn’t anything to be talking about because he is a complete left wing, CAIR supporter of terrorism, hates Jews and should be locked up or deported. Got to go because Glenn Beck is coming on and I haven’t missed but one show in over 2 years!

  5. Reading these comments, it is pretty obvious why the US is broken and in BIG trouble. The people are just plain stupid. Nobody thinks. Anyone who watches Glenn Beck proves that.
    Fareed Zakaria should be mandatory watching for all Americans. You might learn something about the world. The US is not the world.

    1. So you are one who thinks?

      What do you know about the world that Glenn Beck doesn’t know?

      Which world are you talking about, the Muslim world? Should America dance the dance of the mullah’s?

      You’re okay with living under sharia then?

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