Virgins! Talib's attack NATO base in burqa's, quickly dispatched

KABUL, Afghanistan, April 2 (UPI) — At least six Afghan “insurgents”  were killed Saturday in an attack on a NATO military base near Kabul, military officials said.

Three NATO soldiers were injured in the attack by the guerrillas fanatical headbangers, two of whom were wearing the Muslim full-body women’s burqas,  WaPo reported.

Request granted:

The Jooozzz, the Jooozzz!

Lets build ’em a new one!

Kandahar: Protestors shout “Long live the Taliban,” vandalize girls’ school using Qur’an burning as pretext; 10 dead

Koran rage corpses piling up:

Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish and Nepalese nationals among those killed in Friday’s attack on the UN compound. In addition, 9 Afghan violent peaceful protesters were killed and 81 wounded during a demonstration that naturally turned into a riot on Saturday.

Just like our politicians, killing the people they have sworn to protect:

Picnic Bombs, nothing to do with Islam:

Mark Steyn:

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  1. The logical question to ask is ‘What does NOT cause a Mohammedan to turn in to a Rage Boy”

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