A Graphic Account on the Rape of Lara Logan

Egypt: Momin Muslims Pleased Allah by Raping Captured Woman Lara Logan

A very graphic account of the assault on Lara Logan on Tahrir Square, Cairo, thanks to Gramfan and Islam Watch:

Check out the whitewash first:

LARA LOGAN’S upcoming 60 MINUTES interview purports to raise awareness of the sexual violence women journalists face when reporting from conflict zones….

Bearded Momin Muslims, in their joyous celebration of deposing Hosni Mubarak in Tahrir Square, added further spice to their joy by capturing the kafir woman reporter Lara Logan of CBS and gang-raping her one after another as others, watching the show and masturbating shouted: “Jew! Jew!! Allahu Akbar”.

Politically correct mainstream news-media did not give details of the rape and just called it simple ‘sexual assault ‘for the fear that details may offend Muslims (see the video). The fools do not know that the Egyptian Muslims were doing what our prophet did after every jihadi raid and reading the details is like reading sahih Bukhari hadiths. Here are the actual details of the incident as reported by Muslim media based on videos taken on cell phones.

  • A bearded Muslim was the first one who got the ball rolling. He ripped the top off the (well endowed) reporter to expose her breasts and began clawing them with both his hands. He then pinned her to the ground, removed her pants pulled out his (circumcised) penis  and raped her vaginally (what Allah allowed Muslims in ayas 4.3, 4.24, 23.6, 33.50 and 70.30 and what our Prophet did to Safia, Juavaria, Rehana and hundreds of other kafirs after capturing them)
  • After he was done, at least six more Muslims followed him and raped her vaginally while a number of other men raped her anally (anal sex is allowed in Islam; Quran says Muslim men an approach their women in any way they desired).
  • Some men fondled her breasts while other were raping her (to gain Allah’s blessings).
  • Many men watching the action masturbated on her. (we pray that Allah give them partial credits)
  • Some men urinated on her.
  • The men were shouting “Jew! Jew!” and “Allah u Akbar”…
  • The onlookers included women and policemen.
  • Reporter’s breasts were bitten and one of the nipples was bitten off (left)
  • One report claims that up to 50 men were involved in the rape/fondling…


Although momins of Egypt tried to do to a reporter what our prophet did to his captured women, their actions fell way short of the standards our Prophet set for all Muslim (33.21: prophet is your role model).

– Momins raped Lara for an hour and then let her be freed while Prophet claimed the owner ship of all his captured women.

-  Momins did not kill any relative of Lara. Prophet Mohammad often killed all male relatives of his victims.

– Lara is 39 years old. In his heydays, the Prophet would not touch a 39 year old captured woman with a ten foot pole, let alone with his six-incher. Prophet was very selective in his choice of captured women. He liked very young meat. Judging from his fondness of sexual activities with 6 year old Aisha, one can safely say that he always chose very young girls as part of his booty.


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  1. April 28, 2011, –

    Lara Logan, Liar/Sexist: Denies Knowing Muslims Abuse Women; Says Gang Rape is How Men WorldWide (Not Muslims) Treat Women

    By Debbie Schlussel

    Wow. Lara Logan is either an huge liar or an incredible moron. I vote, Frickin’ Fraud. She’s turning her rape at the hands of Muslims into a politically correct, sexist, worldwide attack on “men” worldwide, claiming this is how all men treat women, including American and Western men. She says her rape “reaffirms the oppressive role of men in society.” Yup, Lara Logan’s rape by Muslims is a sign that all men around the world are rapists. Uh-huh.

  2. Exactly the same way that FGM, koranic sanctioned wife-beating, honor killing & the like are transformed into “a problem for the whole community”, with no linkage to the koran or islam.

    “It’s cultural!”

  3. Debbie Schussel’s article should be (but will never be) required reading in every university where they do gender/feminist studies.

    Why have feminists gone AWOL on the topic of Islam’s treatment of women?

    Why are they lying for Islam.
    Lara Logan is despicable. She went through a horrendous traumatic experience, but rather than using the experience to come clean about Islam, she sanitised their barbaric behaviour, and blamed all men.

    Stop knocking men, Lara. Normal men might want sex, but they want consensual sex. Only totally dysfunctional or psychotic men want to rape women.

    Muslim men, on the other hand, have been made dysfunctional or psychotic by the teachings of Mo/Allah, which is why they rape women.

    It really is that simple!

  4. We know who the muslim rapists are – they have been filmed – now it is time to hunt them, capture them, question them, and then kill them.

  5. Odd. The ‘muslim rapists’ used only their hands! What strange Muslims.

    Do ‘muslim rapists’ not rape with their penises? Were they too shy – being in a crowd of onlookers, hey? Pity they don’t use their hands instead of their penises with their wives. Would do wonders for the burgeoning Muslim population.

  6. She should have been wearing a burqa! Case closed. I don’t want to hear anymore about this woman and her problems! She’s a loser!

  7. YOu very shalessly comparing this act with Islam..

    but you dont know how Islam punished to rapiest???

    Its simple punishment is murder in front of POeple….

    You people wasting your time to prove Islam as evil..bcz thousand of English men and women accepting Islam ?????why anyone dare to answer???

  8. Haidar,
    Muslim raped and muslims cheered while this woman was assaulted. No one is accepting islam, you stupid moron, and certainly not in the UK. Have you even been there you ignorant moron!!

    You have shamelessly lied to protect your poisonous religion. You stand guilty of rape!!

    Haidar, no one is interested in the crap that is called islam – very few are converting – and most people are getting very tired of muslims because of their boorish and thuggish behaviour. I am going to recommend that, wherever you are, we make an example of you so that your muslim co-religionist can have the lesson of what happens to muslims who lie and murder for their religion reenforced again. I guess you were too stupid to learn from the fate of bin ladin (may be rot in hell’) – we will see you soon enough,

  9. In specific instances rape is divinely sanctioned in islam, Infidel captive women are booty, spoils of war.
    Depend not on muslims and their liars. Disregard their noxious talk and put thy trust in your own research.
    islam is truly vile…

  10. Anal sex is allowed in Islam or the men wouldnt have anybody to screw! Bunch of fags like their prophet!

  11. This is the joke on these muslims. They as a ummah is an uncivilized community . Only they could have produced a SOB like the Prophet[Fuck the bastard]. We must invade these countries and throw the mecca mosque into the red sea and kill these muslims.

  12. I cannot believe what you people are saying… are you really blaming Lara here for this? Or saying that she’s lying? Who would ever want to LIE about being raped? Its not as if it is something to be proud of. You morons cannot even imagine what she has been through.. rape is a terrible thing. She has every right to be upset and angry. The Muslims who did this to her SHOULD be blamed and imprisoned.

  13. Hi,
    I heard from a reliable source that after Lara had time to think she realized that she greatly enjoyed her rape. She is planning on returning to Egypt in the near-future so that she can have sex with groups of Muslim men.

  14. Sheik,
    Can you post the IP address of the muslim who composed the penultimate email on this topic (Lara L). If you cannot post it openly please post it privately. Some muzz thinks that rape is funny: we shall see who laughs last.

  15. Google “Insights into Islam” about the raid on the Khaybar oasis:

    “Safiyya was amongst those who were ordered to use a veil” Bukhari vol 5 book 59 no. 523

    This is Moe ordering women to veil themselves. It is not a free choice for women.

  16. its an Absurd what stupid and idiot comments Islamic guys put in here! it shows nothing more than a confirmation that Muslim are capable of doing rape in name of Allah… show some respect with other human been.. imagine if it could be YOUR MOTHER, YOUR DAUGHTER, YOUR SISTER.. I am sure you wouldn’t be making joke.. but probably throwing stones on them, just because they have been raped!!
    RIDICULOUS… All the rapist should be shot dead or castrated …then we wouldn’t have a world with such Animals

  17. mohamed never had a “heyday” because like allah, he never existed . The losers that attacked Lara had to use their fingers- it is well known world wide that muslim men have great difficulty getting erections. Ask any muslim woman! Death to the fictional allah and his foolish, unevolved followers.

  18. @DFerr
    Who is Lara Logan??
    Was she Fucked by Fingers??
    i think Muslims have Small Dicks and Huge Fingers .. ha ha ha
    LOL.. Take care

  19. If this talking vagina thinks that men oppress women she should ask herself this question: Why did these big, bad men put women and children on the lifeboats so that men could go down with the Titanic? I suppose that the financial rape that women perpetrate on men in divorce court is proof of how females oppress men.

  20. It’s obvious she got fisted. She would have said “raped with fingers” if she just got finger banged but she had to say “raped with hands” because they were shoving their entire fists up her ass and skewering her on their hairy forearms.

  21. We need to get some cold war style seperation between the white northern world and these men who would claim leadership of our western world by immigrating, meddling in our politics and having children in European built abodes…..What made europe think that it could absorb these people? irrational electronic media pulses, overheating our brains during the 90’s? a speed up of infomania and stimulation: electronically and wirelessly, causing a massive departure and surge away from reason nesessary for the support of associated institutioans (not leftist campus canibals) traditions that once gave us community? If after a thousand years the jews couldn’t find and keep safe tenure in europe what makes the Arabs think we must take their young men here in the west? Most Europeans and Westerners have no idea that Islam caused the crusades with their own historicl millitary aggression against the leadership and peasants peoples of Christiandom’s darkest age; they have always been intent, even hundreds of years before an englishman even farted on another continant….At imposing Islamic leadership and unwanted cultural invasion on subdued Christian peoples. Yet our elites don’t seem to be aware of this or would dismiss this important historical pscopathy and try and insist on combing the Arab middle class with modern Europeans. From Warsaw to Paris we have nothig but Arabs, Arabs and more. Same in Canada and Australia.
    All these curious young arab men on campuses from Vancouver to Berlin. What do they do for their own cultures when they are busy imbibing ours? They get resentful or coveteous, puting there energy into supporting the social left of the West trying to remake the west through the idiology of state sponsored multiculturalism. They shut up decenters in thier own lands…Many very wealthy people think that America and Europe are the same christian type societies with the same identities and long term interest but this is not true. America is a melting pot, pushed by a corportate machine, not a decent place with saints in its hitory. Look what they have done: napalming innocent jungle people 6000 miles away, using the power of gods on Japanese, pushing forth a middle-east agenda that is unhealthy for europeans and their future generations. Turkey in the EU? Arab migration and real estate investment, all pushed by the Americans onto european polititians’ laps. Like hot coffee. Even at the eventual horid possiblility that a short term gorilla war in places like Holland, Denmark even England or Canada… and the asscociated cost of dealing with elligal aliens and thier rioting left wing urban terrorists counterparts? Think lockdown FLQ, get a bag stay home and enjoy the ride on TV cause if they see you walking, protesting, loitering after midnight your detained or deported or beaten dead type scenario rapidly approaches…. proceeed safely to the nearest airport assholes!

  22. You muslims are pathetic!! assaulting helpless womens, no wonder why its forbidden to eat pork in your religion, cause pigs are your fellow creatures!! for those who keep on degrading lara logan, give it up! move on, get a life!, she did nothing wrong to you people.

  23. All you animals who encourage rape will be rewarded by Christian america with a nuke o your family comound. I supported the uprising but now in utter disgust I understand why the Christian world intends to rid us of your dirty facesand disgusting life’s. Rape and anal sex? I will quit my job tomorrow to join the fight against Muslim scum

  24. I obviously don’t have a penis but I don’t think men would be able to get an erection with 100,000 screaming people all around them so I don’t think all of them had vaginal sex with her by putting their penis inside her. I do think they did everything else to her (i.e. fingered her, fisted her vaginally and anally) as she was in the hospital for four days due to internal stretching of her vaginal and anus. I also have a difficult time believing they masturbated on her as again I don’t think they had the ability to get hard with everything that was going on around them. They may have urinated on her as I can see them doing that since they thought she was a Jew. These are just my thoughts and I may be wrong and maybe some of you males out there can prove me wrong.

  25. Ur all a bunch of faggots. I hope when u go to hell u burn and die you bastards who posted stuff about our prophet and if ur not bothered about our religion then please dont bother because we dont try to impress idiots like urself. AND JESUS IS GAY! AND LEZ WITH HIS MUM AND DAD! AND WHO BELIEVES THAT ANGELS CAME TO AN IGNORANT ATTENTION SEEKING KID LIKE JESUS!!

  26. Sarah, Jesus is not gay and he will destroy your religion. You are the idiot and u will burn in hell for insulting Jesus and because your religion and your people are killing and raping in the name of GOD. If indeed you religion had a prophet, then Im sure you are aware that prophets serve the ultimate power “GOD” and ask yourself how would Mohammed condone this behavior against the weak? Most of the women have always show loyalty to JESUS CHRIST THE LORD and I know JESUS will avenge against those bastards. If indeed GOD HAS BLESSED ISLAM, then why are some of them in the United States or other countries away from their blessed land? or why are so many political turmoils in egypt or other middle eastern countries? GOD CAN STOP IT ALL. BUT HE HAS NOT BLESSED THOSE LANDS, WHY? BECAUSE OF THEIR WRONG DOING. ANGELS EXIST AND I HOPE AND PRAY YOU WILL SEE ONE OF THEM, TO REALIZE NO WAR, NO RAPE, NO HARM SHOULD BE DONE IN THE NAME OF GOD.


  28. @Sarah,

    How did we miss poking fun at you earlier?

    Is that the best reply your brain could come up with, that Jesus is gay?

    If Jesus is one of your own holy men, then why as a good Muslim, would you insult him?

    Why would a nothing like you know the truth about whether angels allegedly visited someone. Based on your poorly worded and form statement, it is clear that you are not omnipotent. So, that is not it. Come on. Admit it. Your just making contentious stories up.

    Although, your truly best work, was, “ATTENTION SEEKING KID LIKE JESUS!!”

    Attention seeking? Do tell, what do you know?

  29. You idiotic fools … U people have nothing else to discuss here except accusing any religion here of its teachings whether its ISLAM or CHRISTIANITY. What do want to prove here ?
    Those devil who raped LARA were not humans they were satanic animals not momins(becoz ISLAM never teaches us to RAPE).
    No religion teaches to us to disrespect women or any fellow human being.
    Conveying such a hatred here about ISLAM or any other religion displays how gutless and ignorant U people are.
    If your religion is superior as U think of it as, then U should not be raising a finger on any other religion.
    And if a bastard does something wrong and names it as a religious act, he has lost his mind and he must be executed for it but blaming religion for it is a non sense.
    Open your eyes and research yourself what ISLAM teaches and then compare what those animals did. U MORONS

  30. I am 29 years old and was born in Australia. I would suggest all people to join our defence force and go to these corrupt areas, not to give aid, but to wipe clean all these people that oppose freedom.
    There is still good as Islam does not teach those values

  31. muslimsss are like PIGS… they hate pigs…yes
    but loves to act like one…. enough said…
    muslim = peace??? who r u foolin??? people of the ancient times??
    HELLOOOO?????!!!! we are now living in the present were everybody is well educated enough to know your wrong doings…
    from the past till the present nothing has changed.
    Honestly i want to roast you all like pigs for what treatment you’ve made to all your so called infidels? and putting rapes massacre’s and mutilations a sign of justice
    in our country here in the philippines there is no peace. Were there is mudslim there are always gunfightings and killings… and in my television nothing but, news about mudslim killing this raping that cutting heads kidnapping this and that…. and all this things are nothing special already because its like a day to day basis or so called part of living specially here in mindanao…
    and dont give us that 2 types of muslim explanation comedy shit… RUBBISH!!!

  32. @MORMONS,

    They hate pigs because deep down they instinctively know that even the lowly pig is smarter then they are.

    Oh, the shame and the humiliation, to know that even the lowliest creature is smarter then you are. They are a bitter and jealous lot. Hence the repeated attempts to (demise/subjugate) blow up the West or anyone else who is doing better then they are. Allah is on there side, and thus all is meant for them don’t you know. (sarcasm.)

    It is not for nothing, that collectively, Muslims have been revealed to have the lowest IQ on the planet.

    You are right, “Were there is mudslim there are always gunfightings and killings.” Everywhere, they grow in large numbers, everything is destroyed or sullied.

    There is no beauty is Islam. Only ugliness and darkness.

    Fight on.

  33. You sick muslim freaks, your prophet was a kiddy fiddler as per written in the Holy book. You are a bunch of low life scumbags who are so undeveloped to realise that religion is a load of bollocks. You lot are stuck in the middle ages why not realise that the world was not created by a god it is a by product of cosmic chemistry/forces. Quote what you like but 99.9% of people on this planet are smart enough to realise that rape is wrong, and fuck muhammed he was a peodophile a rapist and most probably a power hungry arab who tried to use the ‘word of god’ to empower h self, try to realise that iys all bollocks and was only written to explain the simple things that humans had not fogured out. Now us ‘infidels’ are smarter and more technologically advanced then you bunch of fanatics, look at our countries….. Westerners have money quality of life, safety, security etc, you lot have goats burkas and well feck all really. Fuk muslims screw you do called prophet (im even drawing a picture of him so i can wipe my arse with it and throw it in a bucket of pigs blood

  34. yo chris – couldnt of said it better – if islam is so fucking great – why the fuck are you all coming to western countrys then, fuck off back to your cave and hide under a fucking rock – u r nothing but a bunch of sick, twisted fucking cunts who have no respect – i have read the koran and its fucking disgusting…. dont believe in god but christian god teaches love, peace and understanding, allah teaches to kill anyone who dont believe in him, whos power hungry!!!!
    your so called god fucks a 8yr girl – how the fuck is that right, your god says u can do what u want to your wife, what the fuck is that about. u can beat her, rape her – oh sorry under your laws its only rape, if 4 other men witness it, and actually choose to say it is, otherwise, nothing happened… be greatfully i aint in charge as I WOULD DROP A FUCKING 20TEN NUKE ON IRAQ, IRAN, AFGAN – EVERY FUCKING MUSLIM COUNTRY WOULD BE NOTHING BUT I FUCKING CARPARK IF I HAD MY WAY… so u can at least thank allah for that – and while your at it, prey no one fucks u up the arse while u prey… get on your hands n knees like a dog and bark…

  35. When Lara was raped Islam was to blame.When more than 70 thousand Bosniac were being brutally raped at the hands of fanatic Serbs & Croats, none said Christianity was to blame>Those rapists are no true moslims as their victims were also Moslim Egyptian women.It is a clear evidence that you are the most racist people against Islam.

    1. “70 thousand Bosniac were being brutally raped at the hands of fanatic Serbs & Croats’ — really, Tariq?

      Was it not the other way around and the soldiers of allah raped the Serb and Croat women?

      Islam is not a race, and exposing it doesn’t make us “racist”. Take your camel and your stupidity and ride into the desert of Islam!


      Four Muslims arrested for war crimes in Bosnia

      SARAJEVO, February 13 – RAPSI, Yulia Petrovskaya. The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) on Tuesday arrested four Bosnian Muslims in the town of Bihac, in northwest Bosnia and Herzegovina, on suspicion of committing crimes against prisoners of war during the 1992-1995 conflict, the RTRS channel reported,

      psinews.com/judicial_news/20130213/266393705.html”>citing the police.

  36. Tariq,
    Firstly there is little reliable evidence to support your contention that muslim Bosnians were raped by Serbs and Croats. Actually, there is only muslim hearsay and little other evidence apart from the totally uncorroborated ranting of the Clintons and the Democrats. However there is a great deal of evidence mounting against muslims on a daily basis that shows muslims, unlike the Serbs and Croats, do murder and rape very often in the name of their perverted profit (spelling intentional). In the last 48 hours I have seen the evidence of several murders committed by islamists against unarmed and innocent people, we see more graphic evidence on a daily basis which demonstrates that many muslims are notzhing more than vile rapists – and you tell us that you are being harshly treated!!!!

    Fuck off idiot!

  37. Fuck Islam. It’s the most violent, repressive, moronic, hypocritical religion in the world. Muslim men are raised to be dogs and most should be burned. Women born into this religion are cursed and rarely find happiness. Thank God I was born in a civilized society. Muslims are, murderers , rapists and angry idiots! That’s why Muslim countries are slums. Fit for the dog that live there. Fuck Muslim slime!!!!! The rest of the world will never take you seriously no matter how many buildings you blow up. You’re still a bunch of filthy Islamic vomit! Fuck Islam and Mohammed can go to hell… Wait your already in hell if your Muslim!!!

  38. Lmao at the idiot that wrote this. I feel so sorry for anyone this uneducated about the world I never thought people can be so ignorant. I’m not even Muslim and I know everything said up there is complete BS. Thanks for tha laugh though. Ps go back to school

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