Arabs setting fires outside Joseph's Tomb last Sunday

Photos of Arabs setting fires outside Joseph’s Tomb last Sunday

Wire services actually published pictures of Arabs from Shechem (Nablus) setting fires at Joseph’s Tomb last Sunday – a Jewish holy place that they, unbelievably, say is holy for them as well.

Is this how you treat a holy place?

Pali rioters set fire and break facilities in Joseph’s Tomb in the West Bank city of Nablus April 24, 2011
Video can be seen here.
And here’s an article about the world’s silence on the murder of a Jewish worshipper.  (Elder)


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  1. The murder of nine Americans by an Afghan veteran air force pilot comes in the same week that Palestinian Authority police opened fire on Jewish religious worshipers headed to Joseph’s Tomb. Events like this don’t happen that often, but they happen often enough to remind us that how many of the men wearing police or military uniforms are straining at the leashes to kill us. When that leash snaps and they see an opportunity, the bullets begin to fly….

    Sultan Knish

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