Australia: "the squeaky wheel gets the oil"…

Inverbrackie a ‘powder keg’, say police, amid claims violent incidents are being covered up (source)

Comedy lacking:

Confrontation between the Beauty and the Beast

“Why do you charge us as criminal? Why don’t you charge yourself as criminal? You kill people for oil. You kill kids. You kill innocent people. You are criminal, we are not criminal.”

Clue: the defendant’s religion might have something to do with the whole affair.

Mr Tehan said his client, who was born in Tripoli, was “a simple man with a simple faith”. (source)

MORE than 80 per cent of asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat throw away their passports before landing, presenting a security nightmare for ASIO and immigration authorities. (source)

Benefits for whom?

800 of ours for 4000 of theirs

According to the Malaysian prime minister the refugee deal is beneficial for both sides. (source)

WAYNE Swan will flood regional areas with 16,000 skilled migrants next year to maximise the payoff from the resources boom in a budget that has been smashed by a $16 billion collapse in revenue…

Malaysia has us over a barrel, too:

That’s just the start of it:

TAXPAYERS will fork out $54,000 for every refugee brought to Australia from Malaysia under the Government’s plan to stop illegal boat arrivals.

But for every person arriving by boat who is rejected and sent the other way, they will have to cough up $90,000.

The $292 million so-called “Malaysian solution” will be part of an immigration blowout in tomorrow’s Federal Budget, which the Opposition claims could top $800 million.

Then there’s the Centrelink payments… and a lot more  from Andrew Bolt


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  1. Slightly OT. The organisation called Muslim Against Crusaders(MAC) headed by Anjem Choudery(collects 25,000 pounds p.a per year from U.K. taxpayers) is at it again.
    The extremist group is believed to be targeting Prince Harry after a propaganda hate video has come to light following the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.
    The 26-year-old, third in line to the throne, is the subject of a three-minute video posted last week by an organisation calling itself Muslims Against Crusades.
    Read more:

  2. * targeting Prince Harry

    The Met will probably probably protect them from the extremist EDL while they carry out the hit (going by recent form).

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