OBL just left the building…..

A big week for conspiracy nutters

OSAMA bin Laden isn’t dead. For all we know he’s lying low in Vegas, possibly with Elvis, or living at Ronnie Biggs’ old place in Rio. (Source)

Hamas snitch, Hamas bitch

Mosab Ruse

Son of Hamas turns out to be a son of a b*tch

Did “Son of Hamas” Mosab Hassan Yousef dupe the counter-jihad movement?

He didn’t fool me. My suspicions were correct. By Walid Shoebat in Pajamas Media, May 5

The Halal Racket:

Halal: It’s Just Not Kosher

A serious issue for the counter Jihad, and a nice beef brisket (Aussie Dave)

Mark Steyn on changing trends in desk decoration:

After Kitchener slaughtered the jihadists of the day at the Battle of Omdurman in 1897, he made a point of digging up their leader the Mahdi, chopping off his head and keeping it as a souvenir. The Sudanese got the message. The British had nary a peep out of the joint until they gave it independence six decades later – and, indeed, the locals fought for King and (distant imperial) country as brave British troops during World War Two. Even more amazingly, generations of English schoolchildren were taught about the Mahdi’s skull winding up as Lord Kitchener’s novelty paperweight as an inspiring tale of national greatness.

Not a lot of that today.

Turning right at Hollywood & Vine

“I wasn’t always conservative. In fact, the old Roger L. Simon was a Hollywood liberal who supported the Black Panthers and was recruited by the KGB.  As I witnessed the world change during the O.J. Simpson trial and the September 11 attacks on America, my views changed.”

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  1. Hmmm… does Boeing knowingly sponsor this…?


    Business Standard (sponsored by Boeing)

    ‘You lived in glory and died as a martyr’
    Business Standard / New Delhi May 8, 2011, 0:29 IST

    [Thank God who said: “And if you are killed in the cause of Allah or die — then forgiveness from Allah and mercy are better than whatever they accumulate [in this world].” [Quran 3:157].

    In a historical day, Sheikh Abu Abdullah Osama bin Mohammed bin Laden was killed, may God have mercy on him. He was killed in a moment of sincerity where he combined words and actions, with dawah and proof to join the caravan of great leaders, loyal soldiers and honest knights, who refused to let their religion fall to a lower status or be led and humiliated by those, who themselves deserved humiliation and insult, because they have gone astray. He faced weapons with weapons and he accepted the challenge of arrogant forces, who came with machinery, weapons, aircraft, and troops to subjugate the people. He was neither weak before them nor did he capitulate. However, he challenged them face to face, like a towering building that no one can surmount. He kept fighting a battle with which he was familiar, and from which he did not desist. He completed his duty until the bullets of the treacherous infidels took his soul back to Allah. When it finally came to him, he embraced it gladly. It is martyrdom in the path of Allah.]

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