Berlusconi Rips the Left in Milan

Same Playbook, Same Story everywhere in EUrabia:

Commie subversives seek to permanently change the balance of power by importing a Mohammedan proletariat and giving them the vote:

“Milan cannot turn into an Islamic city, a ‘gypsyopolis’ full of Roma camps besieged by foreigners to whom the left wants to give the right to vote,” Mr Berlusconi said on his People of Freedom party website.

As usual, the progressive homos, metrosexuals and transgender people @ Harry’s and elsewhere throw hissy fits and call him a “bigot”. (source)

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Mario Borghezio:

“thousands of fanatical Muslims praying outside Milan Cathedral is an act of intimidation, a slap in the face for the city of Milan…”

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  1. Hmm – did the Milan local government build heaps of moskes and halal stores to help the invaders integrate without forming enclaves?

  2. If only that were Tianamen Square…the Chinese Military would run their asses over with tanks and armored personnel carriers and fire AK-47’s right into their faces.

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