UN hack slams asylum seeker policy

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Shut up and roll out the red carpet, kafirs:

United Nations high commissioner for human rights Navi Pillay has slammed the Australian government’s asylum seeker deal with Malaysia as illegal.

Burning Asylum Centres Attract Bleeding Hearts and the Refugee Mafia

Navi Pillay, who is to meet with Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Canberra on Tuesday, has told a forum in Sydney that asylum seekers are not adequately protected in Malaysia.

‘If Australia is serious … about sending 800 people out to Malaysia then I think it violates refugee law,’ she said.

‘It cannot send individuals to a country that has not ratified the torture convention, the convention on refugees.’

Ms Gillard wants to send 800 asylum seekers who try to come to Australia by boat to Malaysia for processing.

In exchange, Australia will resettle 4000 genuine refugees currently residing in Malaysia.

Ms Pillay said Australia’s asylum seeker processing policy should be legal and made more efficient.

‘The first option should not be how best to turn away people, the first option should be how to receive people.’

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“Australian Values” not on the Islamic agenda:

The Executive Council Of Australian Jewry has  made a submission to the federal multiculturalism inquiry wanting a strengthened test of so-called ‘Australian values’ for all immigrants.

“That’s something that has to be earned. Australian citizenship is an honour and a responsibility – it’s not something to be given away lightly,” Executive Director Peter Wertheim says.   (Good luck with that!)

“Regardless of their religious or cultural background, if they’re involved in promoting violent or racist or totalitarian ideology they’re not fit subjects for citizenship”

Andrew Bolt

This doesn’t seem like a good deal: It could be 4000 of theirs for none of ours

AUSTRALIA is locked into settling 4000 extra refugees as part of its swap with Malaysia even if none of the 800 asylum-seekers flagged to be sent to Malaysia in return are deported…

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen continued to stonewall over whether Malaysia was reserving the right to veto asylum-seekers Canberra proposed to send to Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. * UN hack slams asylum seeker policy

    A fortnight is a long time – what caused the backflip?

    UNHCR welcomes Malaysia refugee deal

    [The United Nations High Commission for Refugees says it is broadly satisfied with the agreement reached by the Australian and Malaysian governments on the resettlement of asylum seekers.]

  2. Hey the 4000 for none finally proves the intent of the Australian Labor Party/Green Loon/ Independents Minority Coalition Socialist Governments true agenda…. import into Australia as many “Refugees” aka. people dedicated to the destruction of Australia and its people, culture and Judeo Christian Democracy,and place them, register them, in swinging electoral seats, so as to ensure the election of Socialist / Communist Australian Federal and State Governments for all time.

    The Union /Get Up financed, Australian Labor Party does not want their Fucking Culture / Religion, Cuisine, Hygiene practices (aka. Multiculturalism), they want their Fucking VOTES in exchange for a guaranteed lifetime for them, and their great great grand children on Australian Taxpayer funded Social Security, complete with Medical, Denta, Pharmaceutic,Education (as if) HOUSING, Subsidized Public transport, University to name but a few of what the Socialist Australian Welfare State hands out to those who are sworn to kill us and HATE US,whilst Australians, NON Muslims work their arses off paying through the nose for everything Islams Muslim insurgents receive for nothing more than illegally invading Australia’s sovereign territory via “Refugee Boat” and demanding Australians work even harder so as to pay even more tax than they already do, so as to support them and their future descendants.

    The Australian Labor Party under the Comrade Rudd and now Madame Gillard leadership, is welcoming as many of these ASSASSINS as possible to enter Australia any way they can in exchange for their VOTE.

    Bring on the TREASON TRIALS

  3. Personally, I have no problem with caning. Especially when they flog their own Muslim brothers who are fake asylum seekers passing through:

    Are we really sending boat people to this?

    Australians are routinely accused of being too heartless to boat people, but I don’t think many will like sending them to Malaysia if these are indeed the conditions:

    ASYLUM seekers shipped overseas under the proposed “Malaysian Solution” face the prospect of caning if they step out of line in detention.

    Living conditions at refugee camps in Malaysia have also been condemned as crowded and unhygienic, with some inmates reported to have died from disease spread by rats.

    According to Amnesty International, Malaysia flogs up to 6000 detainees a year, using a rattan cane that causes visible injuries and scarring…

    Pressed on whether canings and the caging of pregnant women or children would be prevented, (Immigration Minister Chris) Bowen’s spokesman said negotiations were ongoing.

    The photo is of the Lenggeng Immigration Camp in Malaysia. Just what guarantees Australia will get from Malaysia, I do not know. But Dennis Ignatius, Malaysia’s former High Commissioner to Britain and Ambassador to China, also warns:

    Malaysia already plays reluctant host to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and refugees. It is a well-documented fact that they endure great hardship and abuse…. All refugees are treated as illegal immigrants and are subject to arrest, detention, punishment, and deportation.

    According to Amnesty International, more than 6,000 refugees are caned every year, while others have been trafficked to Thai gangs by corrupt local officials.

    Given this situation, there should be genuine concerns as to the fate of those who are now going to be transferred from Australia

  4. * Are we really sending boat people to this?

    Why are they obsessing over this now, when Malaysia was re-elected to the “UN Human Rights Council” a year ago, along with such other notable bastions of “human rights” as Angola, Libya, Maldives, Mauritania, Qatar and Uganda. (Libya has since been suspended)

    The UN can never miss an opportunity to bore it up the nations that fund it, sustain it, and at least to some extent created it after WWII, and our stupid governments still submit to it.


    [KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia was re-elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) after the UN General Assembly elected 14 new members to replace the outgoing members of the HRC.]

    As far as I am concerned, there is no “human right” to burn down our facilities, attack staff or firemen, get free legal aid to challenge deportations or any other aspect of this massive invasion industry masquerading as “refuge”. It never takes long for the “refugees” to demand that which they fled, and to live in the manner they know – stabbing & burning, raging against us and all the rest.

    1. Yuman Rites are a one way street, Mullah.

      This is another UN scam that enables Muslims to migrate to the west in large numbers and burdens us with feeding them. The whole UN needs to be purged!

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