"Blow up the churches while they are celebrating Christmas or any other time when the churches are packed"

Coptic protest 21 May 2011

Video thanks to Vlad Tepes
Ozzie Copts know how to do a demo. Warms the heart to see this. It also bears remembering, Copts are the original Egyptians The Muslims are invaders and occupiers. The very word ‘Copt’ is Arabic for Egyptian, a hangover from the original attack and invasion of the armies of Mohamed as they slaughtered, raped and pillaged their way across the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.

The Jihad against the Copts in Egypt

In September, one Salafi cleric, Ahmed Farid, wept as he told worshippers at an Alexandria mosque that Muslims were being “humiliated” by Christians, chiding them for “giving up jihad.”

At a Salafi protest in Cairo in October, some raised the flag of al-Qaida in Iraq — a black banner emblazoned with the phrase “there is no god but God and Muhammad is God’s prophet.” (source)

Now, the Jihad against the Coptic Christians is in full swing:

Egypt: Over 1000 Muslims attempt to block reopening of church

They don’t make the rules, they just go on rampages to enforce them: Islamic law forbids the construction of new churches or the repair of existing ones. And closed churches are expected to stay that way. As usual, the headline does its utmost to make the hatred and violence appear to be a reciprocal affair.

This latest mob intended to send the message: What we decide to break, you must not dare to fix. What we close, you will not re-open. “Muslim-Christian clashes erupt over reopening of church in Egyptian capital,” from the Associated Press, May 19  (JW)

“Enough is enough”: Australian Copts protest persecution and abductions in Egypt

Echoing this report, which shows how spurious allegations of Christian abductions of Muslims (and alleged converts to Islam) in Egypt and the ensuing rampages against churches have provided a handy distraction from an increase in disappearances of Coptic girls. “Copts speak out about Egypt violence,” from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 21

Arab Spring: No Going Back for Egypt’s (Forcibly) Converted Copts

If you’ve been forcefully converted by members of the said religion of peace and want to reverse that… you’re as good as dead.  (The Australian)

“If we could only kill them Joooozzz…!”

Egypt: Islamic supremacist presidential candidate says “the path to world freedom is the destruction of Israel”

Note how he quotes the Qur’an to explain events of the day, and says that the jihad against Israel is a religious duty. No two-state solution or any kind of negotiated settlement will pacify those who think this way. “Islamist Candidate for Egyptian Presidency: Israel’s End Is Near,” from MEMRI, May 20